We did it! epicEIGHTEEN champions!

We did it! epicEIGHTEEN champions!

Jun 20 blanks  

What a great weekend at epicEIGHTEEN in Kettering. We completed what teams dream of doing, having a perfect LAN. Eighteen concurrent map wins crown us the epicEIGHTEEN champions.

It was a solid performance from all the lads throughout the weekend, never losing focus or determination for the win, despite battling with the the typical high temperatures and tiredness that come with a summer LAN.

It was a surprise to most people that we came up against Perilous Gaming in the finals rather than the usual suspects, Infused Gaming, but Perilous had an amazing LAN and really deserved their spot in the grand final.

The grand final was a weighted best-of-5 series with us walking into it with a one map advantage. It was a swift 3-0 victory in the end with us claiming the two map wins we needed (16-11 and 16-6)

epicEIGHTEEN winners!

epicEIGHTEEN winners!

A big congratulations to CRUC1AL, Aaron, mole, kryptix and robiiin, not forgetting the man behind the mix, neil_m.

Dino PC

One final thank you to the awesome people at Dino PC too for lending us two of their machines over the weekend. Without your last minute help we would have been left without computers and not had a chance at competing in this event. We dedicate this victory to you. Check out the small photo gallery of their machine below. It’s small case size makes it perfect for LAN, delivering high performance without the hassle of bringing a full size PC.

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