We are moving to Discord people! All aboard

We are moving to Discord people! All aboard

May 04 blanks  

Last night we suffered an outage on our main server taking down our website and TeamSpeak server. Service was resumed within 45 minutes but TeamSpeak didn’t seem to want to play ball. We have used TeamSpeak since we first opened our doors over 10 years ago, with a brief stint on Ventrilo when that was the “must have comms”. As TeamSpeak is choosing to not play ball, I have decided to shut it down and update our communications to the 21st century.

Coincidentally, I have been working on setting up a Rasta Gaming Discord server to help regrow our community and get us all talking again. We have a rich history of members and over the years we’ve lost touch with them as they move on to other teams and don’t swing by our TeamSpeak anymore. Moving to Discord gives us the advantage of having chat rooms as well as voice comms meaning anyone can join a conversation.

It will also be the place where we will be beta testing the CSGO and CSS gather systems I’ve been working on to get us playing games as a community again, rather than the packs we seem to have split off into over the years. It will also make finding people to play with faster and easier for other games our community play like PlayerUnknown Battleground, League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm and more.

Because of the rushed start, the server is still very much work in progress. We will be adding team channels as and when they get on the server and ask for them, as well as public channels, groups and more.

So, come join us on Discord whether you be a current member, part of our history, part of our future, or just a friend of the family, just click the image below!

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