UKGT Week 1 roundup

UKGT Week 1 roundup

Jan 19 blanks  

UKGT Week 1 is over for us. We had two scheduled matches, Tuesday vs the newly signed Barrage eSports team, and Wednesday vs Ufrag.

It goes without saying that our invite to UKGT was a bit of a curveball. It was made clear very early on that some very vocal people thought we didn’t deserve the spot. Some of them raised fair points, others just threw abuse. As always though, we rode the waves and stayed focus on putting on a solid performance.

Our first game was on the opening day of UKGT week 1, but was played off stream versus Barrage eSports. The first map was Mirage, and Barrage came out swinging picking up the first three rounds. We then took the 4th round with Xacty and PSYCHIIC^ deconstructing the Barrage team between the two of them. However, this just caused Barrage to fight back harder closing the half out 12-3. There was a glimmer of hope in the second half as we pick up two early rounds, but it proved to be too little, too late, and Barrage took the map 16-5.

The second map, Cache, mirrored Mirage with haunting similarities. Despite some close rounds coming down to the wire, and some rounds without dropping a map, our guys only managed to pick up 6 rounds, losing this map 16-6 and the BO2 0-2.

Day 2 was our day on stream as we faced off against Ufrag, starting off on Dust 2. Ufrag didn’t miss a beat on Dust 2 and only let two rounds slide in the first half. Looking to make an epic comeback, we picked up the first two rounds of the second half, but Ufrag weren’t looking to drop the first map, and eventually closed things out 16-5.

We then moved on to the second map of the night, Cache. As this game got underway, it wasn’t long before flashbacks of Dust 2 started flashing before our eyes, as Ufrag started to collect rounds. By half time it was 11-4 and it looked like we were about to face our fourth defeat of the league so far. However, that was not the case. 11-4 rapidly became 13-13, and we could see our first win was within striking distance. At 13-13 Ufrag picked up the next 2 rounds putting them within inches of their second win, but our boys weren’t done with them yet! Yan0 turned things up the heat on Ufrag winning a 2v1, and then xacty and PSYCHIIC^ demonstrated their double-act again of dismantling a team, with a cameo appearance from Quartz, bring them game to 15-15 and OVERTIME.

After such a close game, this overtime could have gone on for days. Ufrag picked up the first round of the MR3 overtime, but we returned the favour securing round two, and round three, followed by half time, and a fourth and final round. This closed the game out 19-16 in our favour and picked us up our first map win of the league, and drawing the matchup against Ufrag.

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