TeamSpeak lives!

TeamSpeak lives!

May 07 blanks  

Earlier this week we announced that TeamSpeak was dead and we were moving to Discord. While killing TeamSpeak off completely was never the plan, the issues I was facing getting it back up and running made it seem like a good idea.

However, thanks to the eagle eyes of a community member, Wadey, we have managed to resolve the issue and breath new life into the TeamSpeak server.

This doesn’t mean we are going to shutdown the Discord, it was always my plan to have Discord and TeamSpeak running side by side as some people have personal preferences on platforms. We will be looking to carry on growing the Discord server and getting all our esports friends and family in there.

This also takes the stress off kitting the Discord server out as it is a bit of a learning curve to get it all setup properly and takes precious time away from countless games of BattleGrounds.


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