This card is one word away from being insanely good for most eras of the game. When an opponent’s monster declares a direct attack, shuffle all your opponent’s attack position monsters into the deck.

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RELATED: Yu-Gi-Oh: Every Blue-Eyes White Dragon Artwork, Ranked. This was bad back in the day where placing a monster in the hand meant refilling the opponent’s hand. RELATED: 10 Best Kuriboh Cards In Yu-Gi-Oh, Ranked. SERIES; WATCH; Interact.

The Elemental HERO Mirror Force, it triggers if the opponent attacks a face-up Elemental Hero monster, even if it’s in defense. Wenn ein Monster eines Gegners einen Angriff deklariert: Zerstöre alle Monster deines Gegners in Angriffsposition.

Afterwards, the control of both monsters switches back during the End Phase….but only if both monsters are still on the field. This is the card most worth playing—it stops offenses cold, making it impossible to synchro or Xyz into a bigger monster.

119,546 Pages. 상대 필드의 공격 표시 몬스터를 전부 파괴한다. Appears in the following episode Browse All Videos. But over the years, Konami has made multiple different versions of the card—surely they aren’t all bad? This has a unique little trick to it, as it activates when either player’s monster declares an attack, and all monsters the player controls are face up machine monsters, they can destroy all attack position monsters the opponent controls, up to the number of machine monsters they control. Those days of the game have long passed though, as Mirror Force has gone from a must run to a “bad” card in the eyes of most good players. A Mirror Force for DARK decks. By the time this was possible, monsters could destroy backrow, rendering this card useless. Card Name (JP): 聖なるバリア-ミラーフォース- Card Type: Normal Trap/Trap; View TCG Info konami. Radiant Mirror Force feels like a Mirror Force which exists in case Mirror Force gets banned. Mirror Force Dragon LIGHT Level 8 [ Dragon / Fusion / Effect ] ATK 2800 DEF 1200 Must be Special Summoned with "The Fang of Critias", using "Mirror Force". When a monster(s) you control is targeted for an attack or by an opponent's card effect (except during the Damage Step): You can destroy all cards your opponent controls. The Duelists of the Roses: 2001-09-06: Mirror Force (DM6) Yu-Gi-Oh!

Once, little was more terrifying in Yu-Gi-Oh than Mirror Force — but that's not the case now.

These days, most attacking monsters came from the extra deck. It’s even better than Storming Mirror Force, as it simply shuffles everything into the deck, allowing them zero resources to work with on any level. Otherwise, the control cannot switch back, often meaning the Elemental Hero player keeps the stronger monster. The opponent’s monster and the Elemental Hero switch controllers, then damage calculation is finished. Quando un mostro dell'avversario dichiara un attacco: distruggi tutti i mostri in Posizione di Attacco del tuo avversario. The biggest flaw to this card is it requires the player to run Mirror Force, a card they’d normally never go near, alongside The Fang of Critias, which inserts inconsistency into a deck. They’ve got some of the best decks in the game by far, so why not add this as well? This card’s best usage counts on the opponent to destroy it while it’s set, which is asking too much. NEXT: Yu-Gi-Oh: 10 Monsters With The Highest Attack, Ranked. Monster Ranker; Polls; CHARACTERS; CARDS; NEWS; Mirror Force. It activates when the opponent declares an attack and destroys all attack position monsters they control. When an opponent's monster attacks, negate the attack and destroy all opponent's monsters in Attack Position. Yu-Gi-Oh! Cuando un monstruo del adversario declara un ataque: destruye todos los monstruos en Posición de Ataque de tu adversario.

That means sending them back to the Extra Deck, wasting resources of the opponent. Boasting 2800 ATK, it’s a near invincible monster: when it’s either targeted for an attack or with an opponent’s card effect, the card can destroy all cards the opponent controls.

When an opponent's monster attacks, negate the attack and destroy all opponent's monsters in Attack Position. Lorsqu'un monstre de l'adversaire déclare une attaque : détruisez tous les monstres en Position d'Attaque de votre adversaire. ①:
Games Movies TV Video. This card should still be great, but ultimately there’s too much backrow hate and most traps don’t survive into battle. Booster Packs. Plus too many boss monsters these days have the ability to ignore card effect destruction. Winning could go from a sure thing to highly unlikely with just that card. Community content is available under. Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Quando um monstro do oponente declarar um ataque: destrua todos os monstros em Posição de Ataque do seu oponente. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Wenn ein Monster eines Gegners einen Angriff deklariert: Zerstöre alle Monster deines Gegners in Angriffsposition. Destroys your opponent's Attack Position Monster Cards.

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