How will you fit in all the living room furniture that’s essential without making it feel cramped? In a large room, diminutive furniture might feel and look less inviting; in this case, there is more room to allow for larger pieces. I told the architect where to put the doors and windows and outlets!! Look, too, for designs specially made for small spaces that might include features such as a pull-down desk or other useful extras.

Measure the length of the walls and, if possible, sketch a floor plan -- a bird's eye view of the space that shows the layout of the room including the location of doors and windows. In a dining room, allow enough room for chairs to push back by placing the dining table at least 36 inches from a wall. She is featured in California Paints' Designer palette, and designed "Loft" for The Sofa Company. In a conversation area, pair two chairs at a height which is similar in height to other seating areas.

Window seats aren’t just for country homes.

Select key pieces of furniture before adding accessory pieces.

In a large room, the challenge is to avoid creating a too-wide distance between spaces. All rights reserved. Oversized rolled arms in a small room will feel unbalanced and block visual flow. When you visit a furniture showroom, measure the length, seating depth and arm width.

These may have more petite proportions while still proving comfy. The relationship a room has with other areas is important to consider for traffic flow and visual balance. Pay attention to the overall shape of items such as sofas and armchairs. Designing a living room scheme can feel like an impossible challenge if yours is a small space. It can work in a narrow room or in small square or rectangular areas. A more compact and upright seat can be equally comfortable and leave room for a coffee table in front where a slouchy design is a space-guzzler. Look for slim, upright, squared-off arms. When it comes to selecting armchairs check out those designed for bedrooms. Look for furniture you can see beneath whether that’s a sofa or armchair, bookcase, footstool, and so on. Look, too, for slim legs on these designs rather than bulky feet. There are some fabulous 1950s inspired versions on the high street and online.

Choosing furniture that creates a pleasant, welcoming appearance while holding up against the wear and tear of everyday life is the key in getting this space to work for your needs. This would be a tiny room and would only really allow a small 2-seater sofa on one side of the room in the layout . Measuring the height and width of the walls is the starting point to achieving well-placed furniture in a room. Check out the HUGE discounts and limited edition products on offer, Deck your dining table with these festive Christmas table centrepieces. To make a scale furniture plan use a piece of graph paper and draw the room to scale using the measurements you have for the room. The best furniture materials for a small living room (Image credit: Lights4fun) If you’re incorporating wood furniture, be aware that dark woods can look heavy in a small room where the same size piece in a light wood is visually less imposing. That's how I was able to fit all Mom's required furniture into her new space within a 1/4" & boy was everyone (mostly me) surprised!

Opt for a freestanding version with storage underneath to make something out of otherwise dead space. For example, 1 square on the graph paper will equal 12 inches of wall. Painted wood or MDF cabinet furniture in white, cream or light grey is also a space-stretcher. Keep the sofa to scale with the other furniture. Painted wood or MDF cabinet furniture in white, cream or light grey is also a space-stretcher. I'm going to be starting to build my own home soon and have finally started thinking about what the space is going to look like. If you have items you don’t want on display to stow in the living room, look for modular designs that allow you to put together the combination of open and closed storage that suits what you need to store.

You can fit a very small living room into a 7 x 10ft (about 2.1 x 3.0m) space. In a room with high ceilings, go taller with shelving or an armoire, and a four-poster bed in a bedroom. Alternatively, two high-back chairs on one side of a room could be balanced with a tall hutch on the other side to create visual symmetry of the taller elements. When working with scale, the rule of thumb is that you ground your room with appropriately-sized furniture. Worry no more!

Armchair: 18 inches deep by 22 inches wide. Group furniture with visual balance. One furniture option that can help is a sectional sofa. Would love any thoughts you might have on this!

If you’re incorporating wood furniture, be aware that dark woods can look heavy in a small room where the same size piece in a light wood is visually less imposing. In a small room you may need to forego a side table or other accessories. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer, (Image credit: Love Interiors.

A corner (L-shaped) sofa could prove more space-efficient than a sofa and chair combination as there’s only one piece of furniture to fit rather than multiple designs with space needed in between. Storage footstool with deep buttoned lid, from £470 plus 4m fabric, The Dormy House. A sofa and coffee table placed centrally with side tables either side will feel ordered and attractive rather than cluttered. The following layout suggestions and common furniture sizes will help you get the living room design you want. Instead of having to accommodate two pieces there’s only a single design to fit in – leaving more of the floor clear – yet you don’t lose out on any of the functions.

Fitting all the furniture you need into your small living room proving a problem? Editing unnecessary furniture goes a long way to keeping the relationship of the furniture in the room from feeling closed in. Instead, swap the whole shebang for one combination of shelving, drawers and cupboards along a wall that’s home to all your stuff.

Here’s the lowdown.

Discover the furniture choices that’ll ensure it’s storage-packed, spacious-feeling and stylish.

Choose upholstered cubes that work as both occasional tables or extra seating as required. Alternatively, an armchair with wooden rather than upholstered arms has a see-through element that makes it a good option for a small room. An acrylic side chair is also handy as extra seating that doesn’t seem to fill up the room.

Try a few of these living room design tips, and you’ll be on your way to creating a comfy space that reflects your style, A design pro shows how to use light, colour, layers and focal points to make a compact room look and feel more expansive, Learn the basic dimensions that will allow good circulation, flow and balance as you fit in all the furnishings you want, Match professional design services to your goals and needs to get a living room that reflects your style, Update your living space, whether you have just $100 or as much as $10,000 to spend, Design pros discuss how they handled colors, materials and TV placement to create stylish entertaining spaces, In this video, Amy Elbaum shows the storage and style details that create durable and fashionable spaces in her home, Make this a space you enjoy by paring back and filling it with things you love, In this video, Lesley Cotton shows how exposed concrete block, warm wood and other elements create a unique custom home, In this video, Robert Jamieson highlights reclaimed basketball court flooring and other details in his remodeled home, In this video, the interior designer gives a tour of the kitchen and other rooms in her updated 1922 home in Minnesota, A designer highlights the furniture, colors and other details that gave his client a stylish home for entertaining, See how bold paint colors and furniture schemes come together to create stylishly coordinated spaces, In this video, an L.A. designer highlights the colors, materials and furnishings in her modern Spanish-style home, Watch and read how an interior designer updated a living room, lounge area and bathroom for more light, views and style, How to Decorate a Living Room: 11 Designer Tips, 13 Ways to Upsize a Small Living Room Without Moving a Wall, How to Choose a Designer to Refresh Your Living Room, How Much Space You Need (and What to Do if You Don’t Have It), Key Measurements to Help You Design Your Kitchen, Key Measurements to Help You Design the Perfect Home Office, 10 Common Bathroom Layout Mistakes and How to Avoid Them.


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