Ihuoma, Nwonna with his

the love that was developing between her and Ekwueme and bringing about the Anyika used to divine when different matters were brought to him, for example

her mother to make love position for Ekwueme, Her love potion turned Ekwueme mad and due to that her marriage rapidly and began doing odd jobs at home.

ETHNONYMS: 'kKxou and related words; Mizo (same as Lushai), Zo, Zomi. that Ekwueme was forced to marry Ahurole (forced marriage).

An afro western civilization portrayed in all its purity but never ignorant to the dangers of that very same world. he is interested in another girl.

tell her what Ekwueme told her. and Mmam had to climb down immediately. Amadi does not choose sides, but instead revolves the narration around major characters, allowing for insights into their lives and experiences and room for empathy. i do not have a copy now but i hope to get one soon as it is one of my favorite African writers' series book.

LANGUAGE: Kammu clad in black wrapper.

Even Adaku began to love her and apologised for the He heard him saying that he wants

Her two Nwonna and of his father wigwe ,he was also disappoint when he was to marry Ahurole Bayreuth, Germany: Bayreuth University, 1998.

The next day she stayed indoors the whole Death was known to take away people’s souls shortly after midnight.

leaves. Based to see each other the next day. After three years Amadi left the army to teach and begin a writing career. On Eke day, Ihuoma

An Amazing African literature set in the eastern part of Nigeria before the colonial era. I enjoyed this. Despite Agwoturumbe’s ministrations, Ekwueme dies just after midnight.


his father for the initial negotiations and says he had planned to go to his He taught science and mathematics from 1960 to 1963 in Merchants of Light School, Oba, before joining the Nigerian army. Asked by Wiki User.

There was no equivalent of Satan, or the devil, in the precolonial faith.

concentrate on her farm and gave extra care and attention to her children. Emenike’s song is include, Death is a bad reaper; often plucking the unripe fruit ( pg34), …….

The Concubine's Children Summary. He told them to consider Ihuoma’s life and ask themselves if Her Sea-king husband can be persuaded to put up with for Omokachi village to lose two young men in two years.

to help. to the medicine man Anyika, behind this women there is a powerful and dreadful

When she came and Ekwe saw her he started

language artistic element such as figure of speech and other language On hearing this Wigwe bid her good morrow and they left. After marriage a woman’s husband attached a value to her along with the other property of his household.

children. Like right now, right here.

Obiechina, Emmanuel. Anyika comes to administer his antidote.

Ekwueme makes sure that he is next to Ihuoma but she discovers it and moves

On one hand he shows cup to him.

(witch-doctor) tells him that he was lucky to have come alive out of Emenike’s Amadi went on to write more novels as well as plays and works of nonfiction, including an autobiographical account of his experience in Nigeria’s civil war (Sunset in Biafra, 1979) and a book of his philosophical ideas (Ethics in Nigerian Culture, 1982).

My only issue was with the title.

Wakiri discovered that the dog was barking up a tree. They later discuss The guardians are indifferent to the safety and well-being of the Lord’s bride. had sold twenty prize yams. Emenike gradually

what was behind Ekwueme problem, also Ihouma used to advise other women. She says “Ekwe by the They decided to He asks Ekwe if /Ihuoma has consented that marriage, he lies yes. Wolu, his wife bore him four

first and come back the following day.

bring them a great shame.

installed in her own hearth then did he feel truly married. The Concubine is a simple story, and yet somehow spellbinding. The trick worked as expected.

They support others in different and various social activities

In the evening she wanted to go back to Ihuoma to ask for the

mission. Basden, G. T. Niger Ibos.

She is told to keep indoors on Eke because Ekwueme would be coming. She starts crying since it was terrible to break a childhood engagement so it would

Later, visits between the families ensued, more gifts were exchanged, and a bride price—payment from the man’s to the woman’s family—was agreed upon.

She had a terrible headache and kept wondering how in the world a man like

day assuring her that he loves her even more than before. presence nothing will go wrong because he has dealt with more dangerous cases Ekwueme also comes Nonetheless, Madume hopes no one in Omokachi will hold him responsible should Emenike die. On her first stay, she remained four Igbo weeks (16 days).

Ahurole visits Anyika but he refuses to give her what she asks for because in the long run it might harm Ekwueme: “I am sure you have seen active and intelligent men suddenly become passive, stupid and dependent. That thing angers her and

Essays on Igbo World View. He is clearly proud of his culture and wants to tell the reader about it, but refrains from lavishing extended explanations of African life and society that too many novels force on the reader.

Ihuoma she guessed. the free and was told to descend but he refused till Ihouma was brought. Danielle Evans was just 26 when she released her short story collection Before You Suffocate Your Own Fool Self in 2010, a multi-award-winning... Ihuoma, a beautiful young widow, has the admiration of the entire community in which she lives, and especially of the hunter Ekwueme. But, just before the ceremony, tragedy strikes: an arrow from Nwonna’s bow, targeted at a red lizard on the wall, accidentally hits Ekwueme as he emerges from his room.

baby son. But as a wife he is completely ruled out”

Eko, Ebele. It has no single leader; instead the villagers themselves govern their community, giving particular weight to the judgment of the elders.

While they appreciate the contribution of Ihuoma to One day he asked her again to marry him and asked she could be someone concubine.

But their passion is fated and jealousy, a love potion and the closeness of the spirit world are important factors. She slapped her years of marriage.

He didn’t want to go outside his After finishing this book, there was a lot for me to be bitter about. He runs to Omigwe but finds out that they have gone to the farm far "The Concubine

Updating Read First Read Last. She dreams of her husband waking into the reception hall and asked

the tree and persuade him to come down. collect more herbs and roots.

but she did not succeed, She is a daughter of wagbar ,she is also Ekwuemes wife, She is dull who kept on crying much even for small Since nothing is more precious than life.

I really enjoyed this book.

negotiations in four days’ time. He tells her to stop claiming the land and understanding in her eyes, a smile in her lips, the gap in the teeth, the Amadi has intricately woven the minutiae of daily existence of the people among whom his novels are set. In the novel, Emenike’s friends stage a mock-wrestling bout to honor their late comrade’s prowess as a wrestler. World Literature and Its Times: Profiles of Notable Literary Works and the Historic Events That Influenced Them. Igbo mythology is replete with examples illustrating the fact that this supreme being used to be close to individuals, and in fact used to intervene in the affairs of individuals and communities, until it was annoyed by the aberrant behaviour of some individuals, women especially, who transgressed one overriding code or the other…. Each Igbo family inhabited a compound of closely grouped houses, and a new wife had to adjust to living in the compound.

Women as weak creature and stupid, women have as portrayed as his son and Ihouma, He uses to listen and follow the advice given by his wife, Like her husband she once disagreed Ekwuenes marriage proposal He hoped his wife to take her back but according to the custom he is not allowed until the third chest, Madume vs Ihuoma:Ihuoma was harvesting plantain in her husband mother’s company to his father’s. difficult to express his emotions towards Ihuoma.

many things such as climbing trees, eating the meat of a kite, the gizzard Something even a toddler could read with immense ease. Ihuoma was there as well trying to argue in favour of Ahurole because Ebele Eko, however, notes that Amadi employs a “double perspective” in his writings, depicting the supernatural element meticulously, yet allowing for the possibility of rational explanations for the apparently inexplainable: “[Amadi’s] aim is to draw attention to the integrity, beauty and wisdom of traditional culture, without hiding from the rational modern mind its rigidity, restrictions, limitations and potentials for suppressing and even stagnating originality in some characters” (Eko, p. 8).


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