Most healthcare segments have leveraged business intelligence technologies to perform detailed analytics. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. been 7 ERP Myths You’ll Believe Unless You Ask the Right Questions, Webinar: How to Conduct a Technology Assessment for Your ERP Project, Webinar: Expert M&A Panel Discussion for Seller Preparedness and Post-closing Considerations in 2021. According to MuleSoft: "Microservices expose data and functionality as a collection of loosely coupled services. Citi's​ As the name suggests, most service segments will get covered under this umbrella. There are many companies playing in this space, but I expect software, cloud and hardware makers to all be amplifying efforts to make their products and services more secure to deal with certain growth in threats that we have seen throughout 2020. Privacy and Confidential Computing Gains Momentum. These lightweight devices will have great 5G connectivity. Amidst the pandemic, one area that has provided support in finding analytical solutions is quantum computing. Quantum computing may not be on your radar yet, but we have seen unprecedented growth in this field, in great part thanks to IBM and Honeywell, among others. Citi Mihai Veliciu, no. Ninety-one percent of organizations are using or plan to use microservices. 1. EY & Citi On The Importance Of Resilience And Innovation, Impact 50: Investors Seeking Profit — And Pushing For Change, Michigan Economic Development Corporation BrandVoice, Hackers have exploited the coronavirus pandemic to, will drive greater investment in connectivity. With high-speed internet and real-time connectivity, person-to-person connectivity and person-to-machine have become possible. This has been trending in the list of SEO favorites now. applications Composable enterprise thinking creates more innovation, reduced costs, and better partnerships. There are many who have started their operations from office locations but with the pandemic showing increasing trends, they are bound to go back to the old regime. Research shows that 86% of businesses say their customer acquisition costs have increased in the last 24 months. 2020 has been a transformational year—in many ways. Independent of traditional computing, Quantum still has some ways to go before becoming widely adopted, but the partnerships I mentioned above are bringing Quantum Computing and traditional computing closer together so applications can be run in familiar computing environments. Technological areas like firewalls, intrusion detection, security identification, antivirus strategies, password protection policies, single sign-on, role-based access, cloud-based services, etc. transform You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. a This would stay true in 2021 as well. The PwC Finance Effectiveness Benchmarking report finds that up to 40% of the time in the finance function can be reduced with automation and behavior change. Further, due to the sudden upsurge in the demand for excellent network strength, all the 5G initiatives have been put into full gear in 2020. With high-speed internet and real-time connectivity, person-to-person connectivity and person-to-machine have become possible. These investments are all about meeting the customer where they are at the moment. SPEC INDIA, as your single stop IT partner has been successfully implementing a bouquet of diverse solutions and services all over the globe, proving its mettle as a boutique ISO 9001:2015 certified IT solutions organization. While the use of open source software in the enterprise has been growing for some time, open source projects have traditionally been considered a bit outside the mainstream. Top 8 trends shaping digital transformation in 2021. In addition, 51% of LoB users are frustrated at the speed their organizations' IT department can deliver digital projects. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If we talk about the world of software testing, automation has already paved a deep path into it. Top 10 Digital Transformation Trends For 2021 . quickly To learn more, you can visit here. regret Whether For example, Zoom fatigue will lead to the rise in asynchronous collaboration tools such as Aha!, Miro, Trello, and Jira. deploy Due to the remote operating model, there is lesser control and a broader surface area for cyberattack. New systems have a profound impact on employees, especially when it comes to training. Change has always been at the center of mankind’s evolution, mapping the journey since the primitive... read more, Listen on the go! Digital transformation moved from being a work-in-progress to the fast track. "Integrating and unifying data across these systems is critical to create a single view of the customer and achieve true digital transformation. For instance, Honeywell, has built its Forge IoT platform using an open source and hybrid cloud approach so the industrial data it manages can more seamlessly integrate with traditional cloud datacenters, applications and workloads. AI will continue to require monitoring to make sure we use it for positive purposes and this will be a joint effort of government and industry, but no doubt its use continues to grow rapidly and we will see this scale even faster now that resources are becoming less expensive and more available to businesses around the globe.


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