This design works particularly well with large round cacti which all look more or less the same and are relatively easy to obtain. At least three species—Tamaulipas living-rock cactus (A. agavoides), A. bravoanus, and A. scaphirostris—are listed as endangered species because of habitat loss and overcollecting. If you have a garden outside and live in a climate with mild winters, you can add a cactus to your garden to give it a new twist. Some of them can bloom and show off beautiful flowers for at least some weeks. The name “cactus garden” clearly suggests that the main plants in the garden should be cacti, but that doesn’t mean they also have to be the only ones. Decorative glass balls probably hit their popularity peak in interior design some years ago, but they are still a viable idea for your cactus garden. It’s commonly colorful or otherwise ornamental. A minimalistic design is definitely going to work best for such garden, and symmetry can help you implement minimalism without completely missing out on the decorative aspects of a garden. If not, take a good mental note of the cacti you already have and get some new ones that you think can complement your old plants. This image is a bit less perfect than the last, but it is just as amazing. Once the sand is spread out and the boulders have been installed, you can place your cacti around them and see how they interact with the new environment. If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. Being quite affordable and coming in a variety of colors, these stones are perfect for creating circles or maybe even other geometrical shapes around the base of your cacti and filling up vast empty spaces. The plants are native to Texas and Mexico and live on limestone-rich soil. Your IP: If you happen to have a rock garden already and feel fed up with its look, you can instantly make it more fun by placing some cacti around it. However, you can plant the succulents along pathways or alleys to create visual limitations and separate different areas of your yard and garden. Ideally, they would surround the path from both sides, but if you only have the money or space to do one side, the design is still going to look pretty good. People who live in warmer climates may want to go for the desert look for their cactus gardens. If you’re the one designing your cactus garden, it can become your creative outlet, reflecting your personal traits and preferences. Living-rock cactus, (genus Ariocarpus), genus of eight species of cacti (family Cactaceae), especially Ariocarpus fissuratus. Just make sure you stick with bright colors for the pots. It is a good idea to take some extra time and find cacti of as many sizes as possible to create smooth visual transitions between plants. Get outdoors for some landscaping or spruce up your garden! If you think you’d like to have a zen cactus garden, you can’t go wrong with mixing plants and stones. Some people prefer small cacti that can easily be placed on desks, shelves, or tables. Fast & … Either way, the new succulent inhabitant of your garden is definitely going to be a nice touch to the existing layout. for 1+3, enter 4. Living-rock cactus, (genus Ariocarpus), genus of eight species of cacti (family Cactaceae), especially Ariocarpus fissuratus. If you have a soft spot for rare or unique things, we feel you may like to decorate your cactus garden with some exotic cacti.

Rocks are a very versatile material for garden design, and some people even choose to have rock gardens with little to no plants just for the sheer stone aesthetic. Potted Cactus Plants All the species are low-growing and have a rosette of tubercles that are flattened or protruding, depending on the species. Bear in mind that this type of cactus garden may not be the best idea if there are small children or pets in your household. A grafted cactus is made up of two pieces. This cactus garden design will probably require you to spend more money and effort than most others on this list, but your investment will be rewarded by having an unusual and very cool garden. Of course, you can’t seriously expect to replace the fence around your house with cacti. This design looks particularly great during sunny days when the walls present a bright background, and the cacti cast solid, crisp-looking shadows. Use these spots to strategically plant your cacti, creating a visually engaging scattered look for your cactus garden. It needs to be vigorously healthy to support the other piece. If you’re spontaneous and creative, your garden could reflect that just as well, being a chaotic mix of different cacti and seemingly random decorations. Are you methodical and organized? Mixing and matching them can create different types of atmospheres and ambiances depending on what you’d like to have in your own cactus garden. Having multiple green succulents populating the hill will make it an essential part of your garden instead of being an eyesore. If there are no rare cacti easily available in your city or even country, you can still look for them online. Even the least remarkable cactus garden designs can be “fixed” with a splash of color - and colorful rocks or glass balls are not your only option. • If you can place or plant your cacti in the right spot, you can get the sun to shine at them at that particular angle that creates a certain backlight and makes the cacti glow in it. However, if a window sill is situated next to a heating unit or underneath a window that doesn’t get a lot of light, it is probably not the best place to grow a cacti garden. We have already given you some ideas that work well if you have a large space for the cactus garden and only a few cacti to place there.

That’s right; you can create an amazing cactus garden to proudly display your favorite plants and be able to spend some quality time among them.


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