See if you can tell when YouTube stopped throttling my traffic. Thank you for providing me with a little balance!, I love to see them and youtube bought down for trying to take away our free speech. Everyone but managers. That's what YouTubers mean when they say they've been demonetized.Straight banning is when they simply kick you off the platform.

"Our show's success is based on three key ingredients: intelligence, wit, and honesty," Gutfeld says. Dilbert cartoonist. That’s sort of how I view it. My system is I go out to the Scott Adams Twitter page and RT, because it never shows up in my feed by itself. Periscope is banning people with positive comments on your feed. [33], On Christmas Day in 2019, Adams announced on his podcast that he was engaged to Kristina Basham. I’ve been repeatedly banned from FB and Twitter for petty things. I thought I commented on your post but I commented on someone else’s. Shameful company vehicles. May 28th was weeks ago! But I am with you chicks, whatever platform you are using. [26] In God's Debris, Adams suggests that followers of theistic religions such as Christianity and Islam are inherently subconsciously aware that their religions are false, and that this awareness is reflected in their consistently acting like these religions, and their threats of damnation for sinners, are false. I wish you would post more on Parler, and less on Twitter. Yup... they are trying to hurt people speaking things they don’t want said. LOL - imagine being upset that your on-tap chilled sparkling water at work has been out of service for two hours. Hi Sir.

He writes in a satirical, often sarcastic way about the social and psychological landscape of white-collar workers in modern business corporations. No offense meant but, do you see a resemblance between Dilbert & Joe Scarborough...? If they lie, and the virus isn’t under control, and people start going back to business as usual, people will start dropping dead again, and that’ll be a disaster for them economically.” –, (For reference, the flu has a death rate of ~0.1%; that of the coronavirus is between 2-3%), The death and spread rates of the coronavirus can be lowered: “But I think it’s going to require a level of self-quarantine and hygiene that the American population isn’t engaged in” –. [39] On October 17, 2012, he wrote "while I don't agree with Romney's positions on most topics, I'm endorsing him for president". [12] Adams first published Dilbert with United Media in 1989, while still employed at Pacific Bell.


Your followers will end up here.

Good luck. I am new to Parler and never seen that word til I came here. The boss who leaves the decision to you, but is then irritated when you don’t select her preference. If Twitter is down globally, let it stay that way.

I would love to see more recommendations!!

I hate to sound stupid but what is shadow banning? #Systems. You're seeing a celebration that your role in society is permanently diminished. Work groups that seem to work better against, than with, your group. Amazon, Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, Twitter, and everything.

You can see my persuasion and success content (and politics) at I use pi.hole to stop ads on all my devices. In a 2017 interview Adams said these books would be "his ultimate legacy". I think you might find it as illuminating as Cernovich's "Hoaxed" documentary. Scott Adams (Dilbert is his day job) is creating Periscope videos - usually about persuasion and politics. Hate this. I need some ideas for the #Dilbert comic. People who come into work obviously sick and then make a loud phone call saying they have allergies.

Always stupefied me that people did not review their paychecks. Thanks for the follow. Big Tech is coordinated anti- American. Productivity is important and wasting time simply because that is how it has always been done is annoying. Well, Twitter crossed the line hard. Competition is the ONLY way to hold the system accountable. In 1996, his first business book, The Dilbert Principle, was released, expounding on his concept of the Dilbert principle. I come to Parler and post every time they do that. Leftist believes that utopia is possible, violence is a means of cooperation and have the ability to rationalize violence and utopia. LolBy the way, Scott, reading How to Fail & Still Win Big, loving it & recommending to everyone. Please keep using Parler. Scott Adams (@ScottAdamsSays). Upper level mgmt using your group as a stepping stone for fast-track, leaves wake of destruction. [41], In 2015, although Adams stated that he would not endorse a candidate for the 2016 elections, he repeatedly praised Donald Trump's persuasion skills, especially on his blog,[42][43] extensively detailing what he called Trump's "talent stack",[44] the then-candidate's unusual skill set combination. [16] He also had a cameo in "Review", a third-season episode of the TV series NewsRadio, in which Matthew Brock (played by Andy Dick) becomes an obsessed Dilbert fan. I have sent 2 inquiries to Twitter asking what I did wrong and have not received any responses. 165 patrons. I've been waiting for enough people to be here to make it worth abandoning twitter. LOL. He pictured in his mind what he wanted, and wrote it down 15 times a day on a piece of paper. He also suffered from spasmodic dysphonia, a condition that causes the vocal cords to behave in an abnormal manner. Hey Scott, good to see you on Parler!

#Systems #FreeMarket #Twitter #FreeSpeech. Do you have any experience working with millennials? [21], Adams was trained as a hypnotist. The chilled sparking water is out of service in our main staff kitchen/lounge area and people are complaining about it. Read it in business school and it changed how I look at pretty much everything. Looking for good accounts to follow since I'm a newbie. [8], Adams did not become a cartoonist by mere happenstance: every morning while working at Pacific Bell he had set his alarm clock for 4 a.m.: he would get coffee and then spend the start of his day trying to create a new career for himself. Could you know if they were still throttling it but just not by as much?

And make it stick its ass in anyone's face that's trying to accomplish something.


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