Oh, for an overpowering faith that shall get the victory over doubts and fears, and make us enjoy the liberty with which Christ makes men free! (see note Ro 7:25), R H Mounce comments that "Romans 7:25 (note) teaches that freedom from the power of the lower nature has been provided by God through the atoning work of Jesus Christ. Victory is not going to come from our performance but from our faith that accesses God's grace, (Ro 5:2 [note]" we have gained ACCESS by FAITH into this GRACE in which we now stand" NIV) which alone can transform our life.

What does “spirit of slavery” mean?

The believer's "no condemnation" state is found in union with Christ Jesus, the keystone of Pauline theology, and the place of safety and liberty. Help us continue to create Bible study resources by supporting Study and Obey for as little as $1.

They must always remember that a person is considered innocent until proven guilty. In Christ, God does not only not condemn them, but is well pleased with them, Mt.17:5. (Give example from playing basketball the other day.)

S Lewis Johnson adds that "The "now" is probably temporal, but one cannot give it the force of the Arminian lady, who was giving her testimony and cried out, "I thank God I'm saved; I'm saved up to the present date!" The just penalty incurred by the sins of the human race was paid by the death of Christ. Romans 8 is regarded by many Christians as the greatest chapter of all the Bible. There and there alone is safety. Not all believers fail in the first hours of their faith to realise, and to use, the fulness of what the Covenant gives them.

Number one, Romans 8 is uniquely the chapter of the Holy Spirit. Why are they important? What a Savior!

In verse 1 [Romans 8:1 ] it is the question of standing that is under consideration.

God's perfect holiness demands it.

In Romans 7:14-25, the apostle Paul paints a graphic description of the tension between humanity’s ego and the Holy Spirit; of which he exhorts believers to choose a life of the spirit. And you may say, “but we didn’t sin in the garden of Eden, Adam did”, or, “I didn’t kill Jesus on the cross, the Jews did.” Actually each of us are responsible.

In such an order and manner of treatment there is a spiritual and also a practical lesson.

The Spirit's work is not irresistible. It is by the human nature of Jesus Christ that we enjoy union with His Divine nature, and that He is Emmanuel, God with us. We can allow Christ’s perfect example to discourage our efforts rather than encourage our trust. Let us arise, and “walk humbly,” but also in gladness, “with our God.” (Bolding added) (Moule, C. G. The Epistle of St Paul to the Romans) Hallelujah! When I try to live this VICTORIOUS LIFE in my own (self) effort, I find that it just does not "work".

It follows that if condemnation as an objective reality has been removed, there is no legitimate place for condemnation as a subjective experience.

The first word is not "is."

And this issue he explains as not merely a matter of grateful feeling, the outcome of the loyalty supposed to be natural to the pardoned. So it was easy to lift the words from verse 4 [Romans 8:4-note] into verse 1 [Romans 8:1 ].

The Spirit makes Christians God's children and able to say "Father'' when we pray (Ro 8:15-note). And though that may not sound fair, it is. In a courtroom, when a person is found guilty, he or she faces punishment.

Again, this does not only describe their present state but their permanent position.

Peace with God is Christ in glory;

As Paul has already declared, the penalty, or condemnation, for sin is death (see Romans 6:23-note) but here Paul announces the marvelous good news that for Christians there will be no condemnation, neither sentencing nor punishment for the sins that believers have committed or will ever commit. It seemed too much to believe that freedom from condemnation depended solely on being in Christ Jesus and not on our walking after the Spirit. He would not be there if the sin question had not been settled to the divine satisfaction.

Freedom from condemnation is given to all who are in Christ, and to be in Him means to be of the new creation.

Is eternal security an issue that troubles you dear reader? Use Your Time At Home During Covid-19 to Study the Word!

(Ro 16:7-note), Jesus explained to His disciples "In that day (when they would see Him after His resurrection) you shall know that I am in My Father, and you in Me, and I in you."

Both mean the same thing.

“The law of the Spirit of life” is bound up with “Christ Jesus.” The Son of God was sent, to take our flesh, to die as our Sin Offering, that we might “walk according to the Spirit.” “The Spirit of God” is “the Spirit of Christ.” The presence of the Spirit of Christ is such that, where He dwells, “Christ is in you.” Here we read at once a caution, and a truth of the richest positive blessing.

Give some examples.


He is grieved by the sons’ actions and until the major issue of rebellion, theft, and lack of respect are solved, the sons’ other accomplishments fade in comparison. Believing in Jesus, thou art actually and effectually cleared from guilt; thou art led out of thy prison.

But not only are we to be on our guard; we are to rejoice in the thought that the mighty, the endless work of the Spirit is all done always upon that sacred Field, Christ Jesus. with the meaning punishment, damnation.

Our condemnation has spent itself upon our gracious representative. Thus, by faith, the believer’s soul is delivered from sins, and clothed with the eternal righteousness of her bridegroom Christ. And it's not ou, but oude, which is an even stronger negation in the Greek language. Oh, the peace forever flowing They are also freed from bondage to sin by the Holy Spirit, a product of the payment of the penalty by Christ. Imagine the story of the prodigal son taking place in modern day India.

In verse 24 of the last chapter he asks, “Who will set me free from the body of this death?” Also in the last chapter he shows we should be condemned for our sin.

It is notable that no condemnation is essentially the opposite of justification.

1895) is noteworthy: legal liability in respect of a piece of land...Divine condemnation, issuing, as the word implies, in damnation, is expressed by katakrima. (Jn 3:18,19).

12. Dr Barber goes on to explain our new life in Christ and the truth that believers are now under a new "management team" illustrating this truth with the story of a factory that had been sold... "All the workers stayed - they didn't change - but now the "top floor" manager had changed. 8. That would be an amazing thing and in this world it will probably never happen. This is Paul’s Gospel. (Isaiah 54:17). In line with this twofold reference of the words “no condemnation” is the phrase “in Christ Jesus.” (Ed: See discussions of in Christ and in Christ Jesus ) What Paul is saying is that for those who not only forensically are in Christ Jesus—the guilt of their sins having been removed by his death—but also spiritually—the sanctifying influences of his Spirit dominating their lives, there is now (= consequently) no condemnation.

Grace has redeemed us once for all. In view of the fact that "therefore" leads us to expect some result that flows logically from the preceding text what specifically is Paul pointing back to by using this term of conclusion?

"But I was guilty," he admitted. strengthened with power (dunamis = ability to do what you could not do before) through His Spirit in the inner man so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith (see notes on Ephesians 3:16-17 ). Paul is making a contrast between the life of the man dominated by his human nature and the life of the believer under the control of God’s Spirit. There is no punishment for them, because Christ bore their punishment. Flesh- I’m not sure what word your Bible has for this, possibly yours has the word “body”. The soul has all its iniquities and sins: they become thenceforward the property of Christ. Set your mind on something also shows that you continue thinking about it through force of will.


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