The main agency may be assisted by many subsidiaries engaged in various other related activities like market research, sales promotion, advertising, public relation, media buying, film production etc. Thus, these agencies are capable of handling all the various related activities of advertisement from beginning to end. a. These are the agencies which provide only one or selected services out of the entire range services. 3. Service companies may need to provide information concerning the range of available services to the consumer. iii. This is clearly seen in the context of ban king services, where a company may offer the ability to maintain a current account with a queue book, credit card facilities, domestic and foreign services, such as the ability to withdraw funds hills on holiday abroad, together with deposit accounts, investment programmer and so on. Then it became a “taste the thunder brand”. c. Incubation involves putting the problem out of one’s conscious mind and turning the information over to the sub conscious mind to do the work. An increase Nagy important element of reassurance derives from the image of the company which produces the product. This function is headed by an account manager or executive. And with such systems of remuneration the process of bidding advertiser’s account become more tedious. Do ensure that the ad is relevant to the product. Since 1841 when the concept of advertising agency took its birth, the agencies have evolved for their role in advertising process. But with all this, they are business people, running an independent business, financially responsible, applying their creative skills to the business of helping to make their clients advertising succeed. Many agencies and marketers find the entire process of developing a fee based system too time consuming and complex. Formerly, Mudra was an in-house agency for Reliance and so was HTA for Unilever.

ii. Order your assignment! Share Your PPT File, Advertising Agency: Definitions, Principles, Types, Functions, Role, Changing Concept, Remuneration and Other Details, Advertising Agency – Definitions Provided by Philip Kotler, Rozer, Borton and American Association of Advertising Agency, Basic Principles: Client-Agency and Agency-Media Relationship, Basic Principles of Client-Agency Relationship (Car, Basic Principles of Agency-Media Relationship, Types: Full Service Agencies and Specialized Agencies, Functions: Research, Creating Advertising, Media Buying and Ad Placement and Providing Ad-On Service, Factors Affecting the Selection of Advertising Agency: Agency Team, Range of Services Rendered, Research Activities, Success Rate and a Few Others. Do hanker after the desired brand image. Many campaigns feature a list of stockings and this serves two purposes. 3. The data contains the information on an agency’s name, its location, name of the proprietors, advertising turnover, investments, list of clients handled by the agency and the other national or international affiliations of the agency. The fee is determined after multiplying total hours with hourly rate and 25 per cent is added further to cover the overhead cost and to provide for agency margins. The focus of their job should be the brand. These agencies offered for optimizing client’s media spend by negotiating better deals with the media. AOR starts investing in updated and accurate data and sets up systems which otherwise were taken for granted. Skilled writers, directors, artists, researchers and managers are the other types of people having specialized skills who join advertising agencies to exploit their talent and potential in the best possible way. According to American Association of Advertising Agency an advertising agency is one –. Advertising agency is an independent business organization. Don’t drop the agencies for the hack of it. If the agency places a half page ad with a newspaper costing say Rs. The advertisers should consider the following factors while selecting an advertising agency: 1.

advertising plays a big role in marketing the products, services, company.


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