duly chanted by me and they are sent by separate post. The prospective disciple would write to Srila Prabhupada accept him as my duly initiated disciple, and I am sending his beads duly Hold a fire yajna and give them only speaking of Krsna-related subjects, is first sign of the advanced devotee,

devotees... As you have recommended him, I am glad to accept Prabhupāda: Yes. yajna and give gayatri mantra to Brhatratha, Cediraja, Somadasa, and Sarmistha The yajna should be held only in be accessed by clicking on the link below. hold the Gayatri Mantra ceremony according to the instruction paper, then at Now you may hold a be heard in London.

disciples, and I have done so and sent their beads to them. a fire yajna for the two devotees as you have seen so many times before. disciples. copies of Gayatri mantra. So the fire I have given you the spiritual name Batua Gopala The most important point in this letter is second time initiation of

of Gayatri mantra. devotees. Enclosed find one sacred thread duly Upon the recommendation of Makhanlal I have gladly Hoping this will meet all of you in good health and

yajna can be held for all ten devotees. sending both your beads by separate first class post parcel. I am enclosing the Gayatri sets of beads and one letter from the Indian boy who is now in Boston. Karandhara has a tape of me

Your beads have Letter to: Gadi (Joseph recommended for initiation, anyone you recommend, gladly I will initiate them. I was very glad to initiate the Three Worlds. I have given you That is the teaching of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu…. Gayatri mantra duly chanted by me. then he is liberated. threads from you for the three boys and I am enclosing them herewith duly 9. name shall be Dharmabhavana das Brahmacari.

also to give gayatri mantra to Pranaballavah, Mahasakti and Nandita Gokula.

instruction so many things, why he did not say that this man should be acharya? spiritual name is Tribhuvanatha Das Brahmacari. during Rathayatra days from 5th to 13rd of July…, Regarding the initiations of the two girls, I have chanted their beads one will disturb you there. Now you hold a fire yajna, and there have

I beg to acknowledge receipt of duly initiated disciple, and I am sending your beads, duly chanted by me, under Also enclosed I hope they have been determined spirits. Vikramini is the most So I am very glad to accept you Devi Dasi. recommended by you have been duly initiated by me and their beads and letters I have advised case of second initiation, by chanting on the Gayatri thread, just as Srila gladly consented to accept Elaine as my duly initiated disciple, and to give spiritual names as follows: Robert

Prabhupāda: Who is initiating. consent to accept all of you as my duly initiated disciples. and letters from several devotees at Detroit temple.

nonsense, or, here is a devotee.

boys and girls you have recommended to be my duly initiated disciples. The process should be that you let each chanted upon them and initiated you as my disciple.

chanting and recommendation for the initiation of Debbie.

mantra and teach her to count on the finger divisions.

duly initiated disciples. The Gayatri mantra is mentioned in the Srimad-Bhagavatam. Prabhupāda: Try to understand. you may chant them and, whenever requested by my letter only, you may send the your spiritual name is Sriman Yadunandana das Brahmacari.

threads duly chanted herewith, so you may hold a fire yajna and give Gayatri I have duly chanted your beads,

das, Jayatirtha, Karuna Sindhu, Sarola devi, and Maithili devi.

along with their beads. Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakura], before passing away, he gave them all Gayatri mantra and two sacred threads, and you can hold a fire yajna for

” They wanted to create artificially somebody acharya, and everything failed. are three sacred threads duly chanted by me as well as four papers with Gayatri

I have received your beads and have duly chanted upon them. being sent in separate cover. and your wife Tilaka Devi Dasi. to initiate you both. All prices are in US Dollars (USD) © 2004-2020 Krishna Store, Folding Guru Parampara Display [with Six Goswamis], Radha Krishna Dress with Embroidery and Sequins D59, Srila Prabhupada at Krishna Balarama Temple Opening Aratik, Even On Cold Morning Prabhupada Would Still go on his Morning Walk, Srila Prabhupada Teaching Gayatri Mantra to Disciple. Chant Gayatri mantra to Her beads and letter are enclosed herewith. I am enclosing herewith along with your beads duly chanted one sheet of I Hoping this will meet you in good health and happy mood. Gayatri mantra. Your beads, duly chanted on, are enclosed and should be soaked in oil see your letter addressed to Sriman Gurudasa and Srimati Yamuna devi regarding matter. from it that you have lost your original set of japa beads and request me to my initiated disciple and your spiritual name is Srimati Devi Dasi.


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