Related: Should You Wear a Lifting Belt For Bench Press? Moreover, it increases the activity of your muscles, which braces your back from outside. Let’s look at some features you should know about before you shop! Just like female weightlifting shoes and women’s gloves are different to those for men. Weight: A heavier belt often means it’s more stable and provides better protection while lifting.

But instead of the black suede, BeSmart stitched a green camouflage fabric over its face. It comes in sizes ranging from small to 2x large, so you can get the perfect fit no matter what the size of your waist. They carry sizes from small to 2X large so you can find the right fit for you. There is no need to wear it in, like some leather belts may require. And you won’t have to worry about it stretching!

It features a soft inner lining, and the foam core is waterproof so that it will not get drenched in sweat during an intense workout. In a hurry? How can lifting belts produce better gains and weaken the muscles at the same time? It’s functional and simple. If that’s your thing, you’re going to love this belt! If this applies to you, consider this belt from BeSmart. Registered United States Patent and Trademark Office‍GeekWrapped is not affiliated, associated, authorized by, endorsed by, or in any way connected to the brands and companies mentioned on this website. The most important factors to consider in lifting belts are the material and the thickness. It also comes with a one year warranty. The level of support that this strap provides is pretty good given its design and not being a leather weightlifting belt and given its price. If you weren’t satisfied with the design, you can return it, no strings attached. The cool thing about this belt is the stability. With a light nylon construction, this belt would be far more comfortable than its competitors. Sizing is important as getting the wrong size could mean that the Velcro strap may not fit as securely as it could. Since this method is natural, this leather feels much softer than the regular hardened leather.

Ready to get back to the gym? The amount of strain on the lower back is also reduced, and the belt will restrict the range of motion of the lumbar preventing any additional strain. So it is not bulky by any means. For non-competing athletes, the Schiek Model 3004 would be the most versatile belt. But do you go for a weightlifting belt designed specifically for ladies? See more differences between prong vs lever belts in my other article.

This gets especially harmful when athletes start to wear their belts for the whole day. This is larger than most of the other weightlifting belts on our list as it is 6-inches rather than 4. It’s a solid, quality piece of leather at a good price! Go for such weightlifting belts for women with a uniform width from all sides—the reason being the equal support needed during weightlifting.

The buckle roller seems like a small insignificant component, but it’s actually quite important. As you try to snatch the weight overhead, it might hit the buckle and cause serious injuries. It is 4 inches all the way around to provide you the maximum amount of support. This is a great belt for beginners looking to get a bit of extra support for the back. It is 5 inches in width and also includes an additional supporting strap that runs around the outside of the belt. ●   The width shouldn’t be bigger than 4”.

On this blog we share all the things we wish we knew when getting started. To “top off”, after completing your rep, you exhale shallowly and quickly and then inhale deep while contracting your abs again. I like that they used a roller over the buckle. Also, thick belts provide extra padding to the core of the athlete. The thicker the belt, the more will be the comfort. Hi!

Since you may not find a rack in every competition, a lever belt seems like the most competent option. It is lightweight and can be packed into a gym bag easily as it folds up tiny. This is a bit of a curveball and is one for women or girls who are little more serious about heavy lifting or want more support. Rogue Ohio is an excellent lifting belt for female powerlifters. This strong women’s Velcro weight lifting belt with extra support is provided by two Velcro fasteners. That level of customization makes this the perfect women’s powerlifting belt. The maximum width is, expectedly, toward the back with an approximate of 6”. In this article, I’ll review the 10 best women powerlifting belts currently on the market. That coolest thing is the color options! This is possible with the secondary neoprene strap that sits on top of the main belt. Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. Store Your Redgum Firewood In Bulk Safely . This enhances the belt’s comfort as it’d never pinch on your torso. If you don’t want to waste time on prongs, you should consider the Titan Longhorn Lever Belt. This site is owned and operated by It’s a solid 4” wide all the way across the belt, so you get all the support you could possibly need for heavy lifting, including squats and deadlifts. The thinner front will provide more wiggle room to catch a deep clean or snatch weight overhead. We get it: You’re tired of the black weightlifting belts.

It’s made of leather, 4 inches wide and 10mm thick. The Schiek 4 inch women’s belt is perfect for smaller individuals and ladies. It can be folded up and placed into a gym bag with ease. Instead of a prong-buckle closure, it has a lever so you can get the right fit each time you put the belt on, and adjust it quickly enough to move from one activity to the next. Lifting belts can increase your performance by upto 15 percent. Having something for your muscles to press against is the shortest way for bigger yields. The soft black nylon fits perfectly with the pink strap. But for a leather weightlifting belt, which is also unisex, it is comfortable, lightweight and does not look or feel bulky on the waist. In summary, these are: If you have any experience using these belts, we would love to hear from you below. It’s actually rare to find brands that describe this feature anyways. Although women can use leather belts normally, I’ve seen a lot of my female friends opting for nylon. This is a solidly designed belt that has a very slight taper around the sides. View All .

When your muscles push against the lifting belt, your intra-abdominal pressure (IAP) rapidly increases. ●       Not approved in powerlifting competitions, May not provide as much support as a leather-style belt. These low profile weightlifting belts are actually available in a 4-inch and a 6-inch version. A weightlifting or powerlifting belt can do this by constraining the abdomen and giving it something to be applied against. On top of that, there are ten rows of holes to adjust the double prong to reach an even more customized fit.

If you used wider belts, they might bruise your ribs and hips. The RitFit can be worn for an extended weightlifting session in comfort, and it also comes with a lifetime guarantee which is great peace of mind. Aaargh! Again, in your gym, you’re free to do whatever you like. And that is to create pressure within the abdominal region of the torso so that stability and support for the back are improved. Then, you have to flip the lever into the predetermined tightness. Iron Body Team Weight Lifting Belts for Men and Women 6 Inch Weight Lifting Core & Lower Back Support Workout Waist Belt for Weightlifting, Fitness, Crossfit, Harbinger Padded Leather Contoured Weightlifting Belt with Suede Lining and Steel Roller Buckle. Affordable leather belts are usually tightened with a single or double-pronged buckle. It will not get in the way while you’re doing your lifts because the belt is only 5mm thick. A really cool thing about it is that it stays pretty stiff at first, so you can break it in how you want. 10mm Thick – Untreated Stock Pioneer Cut Power Lifting Belt. We hope you love the products that we recommend! ProFitness Weight Lifting Workout Belt (4 Inches Wide) - for Cross Training Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Gym, Squats, Deadlifts - Ideal Back Support for Men & Women, WOD Nation Weight Lifting Belt - 4 Inch Firm Support Nylon Weight Belt for Deadlift, Squat & Weightlifting - Sizes for Both Men & Women, Weight Power Lifting Belt 4” Wide Cobra Grips Best Premium Genuine Leather Belt for Men & Women Adjustable Weightlifting Back Support, SAINT DEMON FITNESS Weight Lifting Belt for Men and Women. It is important to measure yourself properly around your midsection on top of your clothes before selecting a size. This can double as a great back brace for work or other light duties! They are also not particularly portable and can be awkward to put on, take off, and adjust. If you don’t like the complicated levers and the tiring prongs, you’ll definitely love the velcro pads sewn over this belt. The buckle is adjustable and the belt won’t slip, so you don’t have to worry about it coming loose! And with the natural flexibility of nylon, it’ll be absolutely easy to perform any exercise while wearing it.


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