My dog has had 3 surgeries at this vet with Dre Prevost and always came out with clear directions, fast healing, and prompt follow ups. I took my dog in because I thought she might have a bladder infection. I would definitely recommend this animal hospital!! They pray on you when you're vulnerable. My cat Domino is 10 years old and we live about 40 minutes away. Excellent care for our Bunny. and meet our specialists. They were absolutely fantastic with our German shepherd, Tango. Assuming it was a seizure i went into triage. I called this afternoon, concerned that my cat of 22yrs. Dr. Robert of Pierrefonds Animal Hospital greeted me and Po with great enthusiasm, ready to help in any way that she could. Very positive experience.

They stayed open for us, treated her on the spot, and resolved her problems immediately. Worth every penny. I have been a client since about 2004 or 2005?

All that being said, in the end all it was is a cracked tooth that needed to be extracted. Brought my dog to another vet to follow up and to second opinion. Thankfully my amazing regular veterinarian took 1 minute to look in his mouth and see the obvious. If you think your pet is worth the difference in quality, you must come to this hospital. And to top it all off they don’t call you to reassure you your pet is okay or nothing. It was a bit pricey but far less than the DMV would have been and when your dog is screaming in pain, you don't care about the money! In the end, my cat died, needlessly. Cost was moderate as there was an X-ray. seemed very kind and empathetic but basically only gave me that option and also suggested he could stay there and be monitored for an extra cost. I've gone to many clinics before but they all seemed rushed and pushy.

Of course.

All they're missing is a play area to keep our fur babies calm and happy! Why?, it is first class and never stressful.

Thank you. I gave 1 star only because you can't post without giving 1. From the moment we brought our beagle in just a minute before closing, they took such good care of him. Always took the time to answer our questions; we never felt rushed with her. Staff are competent and friendly and the vet care is second-to-none. Thank you Drs at the PAH, and all the staff too.

My dog injured his paw and the vet/doctor was trying to con me into paying five grand for an unnecessary surgery. Veterinary Clinic Pierrefonds Animal Hospital has a fair overall rating on I took my dog in because I thought she might have a bladder infection. My leopard gecko, Po, has been dealing with shedding issues, and it was rather difficult for me to find a vet who would see him in the West ... My experience at this animal hospital has been exceptional. 5 months pregnant and holding my cat Rockie who was clearly not well. They took really good care of my new dog. All injured or orphaned wild animals or birds where treated free of charge and if the person who brought them in did not want to care for those that could be treated then one of the staff ( 3 including the doctor ) would take them home and care for them until ready for release . Phone: 514-626-9890. We ended up waiting 3.5 hours in all. Thorough exam to determine cause of limping and unresponsive foot. Very pleased with service and faci... Dr. Goldenberg was excellent with our Guinea pig Bubbles. We waited another 30 minutes for the vet to resolve this issue, but she said there was nothing she could do about the price, eventhough in the past when we have waited long a different vet gave us a substantial discount without being asked. We invite you to visit your hospitalized pet when he is in the hospital, in order to make him, and you, feel better.


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