It is important that you avoid any kind of generalized presumptions. We categorise a bad mood as being annoyed or upset or unhappy about something or indeed someone and although we can hide this mood by trying to be jolly and chatting with people in the usual way our bodies and their movements, stances and postures can unmask even the best performance. We all scratch different parts of our bodies for the same reason we touch our noses. They let the world know a number of things about our own selves. Consider the following examples of negative body language: Minimal eye contact. This is a gesture I’ve seen in meetings or during an interview which I didn’t pay much attention to but which surprised me as a negative body language gesture. The only way to keep the small, barely there body language cues positive is to cultivate confidence, to marry it to our soul. Some people falsely interpret this gesture thinking that one was simply deep in thought, however, rubbing your earlobes is an action that is also practiced by deceitful people. It looks like a defensive action and it is not attractive in any kind of way. When we are able to decipher different body signals, we can use all of these signs to our advantage. Your email address will not be published. This particularly male gesture is read as someone who is about to pounce.

If you are in a less than happy mood it is likely you will pace around, stand up a lot of the time, tap your fingers or do any of the things we mentioned earlier on.

Once you can read different body signs, you can easily understand the message that someone is trying to bring across. Negative body language gestures might not only distract audience’s attention but also misrepresent your message and intent during a presentation. We see the other person as a threat so we cover up the places on our bodies that are the most vulnerable to injury. All of these can cause a display of negative body language and again sometimes the mind is unable to stop this display from manifesting itself physically or even know its happening. In addition, this action also shows that you may not have any confidence in yourself or you are worried about something. Download my free guide, "The Body Language Rules:  12 Ways to Be a More Powerful Speaker.". Covering your mouth is such an unconscious action that it could happen when you are seated in a meeting or even during an interview. It is like the smaller movements that are harder to control, like the facial muscle movements.

Some of us live in a sort of denial, concentrating on product, but not our own personal presentation, thinking that all will be forgiven if we just produce something undeniably great. You could also be interfering with your own progress in life.

As someone who has gotten hives from time to time after getting through stressful situations, I can attest to the cause and effect. So leave the bouncing on your heels and constant readjustments of your clothing behind in the green room. Few people chew their lips while in front of others. It will detract from your image and presentation, and it may cause you to lose people’s confidence in you. You've seen plenty of examples of this one: the whiteboard or flip chart marker held but never used; the piece of chalk tossed into the air during a lecture; or the microphone held in a gesturing hand. Rubbing your nose can detract, but so can pinching your nose. That is a really bad habit that everyone should work on avoiding. The Body and The Eyes: How Much Do They Tell Us? Body Language Project is also a website that can help with understanding body language better. But there are plenty of others where folded arms communicate something less-than-positive. Whatever kind of grooming that you need to do to your face or your hair, you should simply take care of it privately, far away from the individuals you are speaking with. We use our hands (or other objects) to cover places on our bodies like our stomach or genitals when we’re nervous or intimidated. Biting Your Lip. This form of nonverbal communication is very important as to how a person is portrayed.

Naturally, your audience wants to know these things about you: The list is actually much longer. is a frequent question of anxious speakers. Sometimes though, a number of us get lost in thought and forget all about this censorious communication feature. Crossing legs says they’ve got some negativity going on with something around them.

It is updated here. You might think … Now that you understand some types of positive body language, it's important to consider negative body language. Crossing your arms is one example that’s not entirely negative. As Hamlet put it, "Suit the action to the word, the word to the action." Avoiding eye contact is a big one. Which could hint at the fact that you’re nervous or not confident.

Such an action can even be considered deceitful as it is common with a lot of liars. We can fidget with our clothes, our hair, and our pens. Negative Body Language Signals To Avoid 1. Worst, the audience might even form a negative impression and perception of you as a presenter. Here are 5 acting techniques to improve your stage presence in public speaking. You may be standing too close to them or saying something that makes them uncomfortable.

Even looking at the floor as you ponder your momentous reply—these behaviors seem to say, "I'm really not enjoying having this dialogue with you."

Here are five examples of negative non-verbal mannerisms to look out for: Notice when there’s too much eye contact. Being able to quickly identify negative body language cues can help you avoid uncomfortable confrontations and even turn bad conversations into good ones.

If you are presenting a project as you stand or you are seated in a meeting, crossing your arms and ankles could make those around you think you’re nervous, or there is something that you are hiding. You are making yourself comfortable. It's a central part of my free guide, 6 Rules of Effective Public Speaking. There are small movements and large nonverbal cues telling the world something about ourselves. Your email address will not be published. Again, I didn’t think much of it, but it is considered something that is detracting from your image of confidence. Rubbing your nose or repeatedly touching it could actually be a response from the allergies or irritations that you are facing. Some nonverbal communication is readily seen – you frown or smile because you are happy or sad. How to Make A Good First Impression With These 17 Simple Tips, 5 Face Hacks That’ll Make You A Mind Reader, 7 Great Tips to Inspire You to Communicate Effectively, How to Stop Isolating Yourself From Other People, 10 Body Language Tips That Will Exude Charisma, Your email address will not be published. That includes what I call "negative body language." Your email address will not be published. Avoid it. We have reached over 155 million views in the past 6 years, and amassed over 200,000 followers on social media. We don’t want them to see us sweat. This could be tapping your finger or foot, biting your fingernails, shifting your weight back and forth, or fidgeting with your clothes.

If you are trying to entice some people to invest in you and your idea, you may have taken a step back while on that mission, so it is better just not to cross your arms, legs, or even your ankles. I’ve watched people at podiums do it, and it sometimes only happens for a second. Negative body language often manifests itself in one of the following physical ways: Shoulders drawn back Persistent eye contact (staring) Arms crossed over the chest Sweating Hands clenched to make fists Swaying back and forth Grinding teeth If you are interested in learning more about body language and facial expressions, and how they impact your communication, you can learn more by reading The Definitive Book of Body Language. We have to believe in ourselves and we have to believe that our audience has to see us and what we are presenting as absolutely the best.


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