especially when learning things that are new to me, But other than that I do believe it will prepare me enough to take the test and pass. The questions that follow the passage usually require you to do one or more of the following tasks: Here are some nutritional facts about some of the foods you eat.

The only math you really needed was binomials, polynomials, order of operations, number series, and reconsidering variable formulas. I found your system online about 3 weeks before my test, I could have definitely used it sooner. If I had any suggestions, I wish there was a way we could ask questions when we get confused about something…maybe a “commonly asked questions” for each section of the review? eBook includes PDF, ePub and Kindle version. very good for refreshing on basics of algebra.

If you are considering this career make sure u invest in yourself. We are terribly sorry about your experience.

You will be tested in basic arithmetic, story problems, and geometry.

Yes, all the questions are multiple-choice questions with 4 answers to choose from. This definitely brought me back up to par and gave me the confidence I needed to tackle this IDEA test. Interested in becoming an Electrician? I appreciate that each question gives an explanation for the right answer if you get it wrong. Excellent course! We are on it. I am able to review the areas I felt I was lacking, the course has all sort of tips to help you Ace the test. Looking for tips and possible resources such as: Books used for preparation Type of material covered from someone’s experience taking the test in this area. For optimal test performance, get a good night’s rest and eat a nutritious, yet not too heavy meal prior to taking the tests. If A = 3 and B = 1, what is the value of C? There are three stages to the application process: Those meeting the minimum requirements will be invited in for a personal interview. Unfortunately, some dubious book publishers exploit the fact that customers cannot review their books, and publish books that may be far from what they need. There is a multitude of exams that are given to applicants. Go in confident and that starts with signing up for this course. Factoring polynomials – finding factors that are common to all members of a polynomial or finding two binomials whose product yields a given polynomial. Each section includes similar questions to those you might encounter in the real test with the same level of difficulty. Read all the answers as 2 or 3 answers may be “acceptable” but only one question is the best answer. It is self paced and allows you to go back and redo the problems that take me a little longer to pick back up. Our email is Was not aware how much I forgot basic algebra functions over the years. With over 12,000 members, the Local 134 based in Chicago is the largest electrical workers’ union in the Midwest. Better than expected. Highly recommend. Vigorous practice and focus will help you achieve a passing score. We constantly update the product with new questions.

it helped me so much. IPREP has been so helpful and knowing what I need to work on and tips.

If you practice and sharpen your math skills, your accuracy will increase while your answer time will decrease. had forgotten some of the algebraic functions but quickly pick them up via the review. iPrep is exactly what I was looking for! You will want to have the most current training if you want to get the job in your chosen industry. Awesome program highly recommend. The test taking tips and practice tests really gave me the confidence I needed. After taking the course, test yourself again in conditions that simulate the actual test and see how well you did. Try to keep calm. so many fake sites. They have been developed specifically to assist in the selection of electrician apprentices for the respective apprenticeship programs. It is alright to skip questions that confuse you or that you deem too difficult in order to answer more questions overall. The entrance exams contain questions in subjects such as algebra, reading comprehension, mechanical comprehension, arithmetic computation, and geometry. This is a very good refresher course used to help prepare for IBEW exam. I highly recommend this course, and I can’t wait to take my test. Basic mathBasic algebra & functionsReading comprehension. Successful aptitude test takers are invited to participate in the union’s Inside Wireman electrical 5-year apprenticeship program. This has saved a lot of time in comparison to mining through a bunch of forums and educational sites. I recommend this course to everyone who is taking the aptitude test. The math portion covers algebra and functions with a total of 33 questions that must be answered within 46 minutes.. Now, along with the math portion you … I am getting the confidence needed to be ready to test on Sept 12. A score of 4 is required to get to the pre-apprenticeship practice test interview round. Great website for the money. Good resource to focus study on the topics of the test.

Was a great provision and review of the exact same math concepts I had on the aptitude test. Get it all here To take the test, all you have to do is fill out the test application. Apprenticeship training is available to you after you pass the aptitude test. If you receive a minimum score, you will move onto the interview round. I needed a practice test for my upcoming test and this is perfect. The Electrician Aptitude Test is a computerized format test (CBT) that must be taken in an accredited test centers. Welcome to your iPrep course. The course had a lot of information but most likely for other ibew aptitude tests… I did the simulations over and over and I was getting A’s with them.

We’ve invested a great aeffort in tuning the course to fit the IBEW aptitude test (by The Electrical Training Alliance). It assesses your ability to reason using numbers and numerical concepts. Therefore, it is recommended to find a course that includes IBEW apprenticeship test questions like those you will find on the real test. I’ll look into brushing up on these with a mechanical aptitude preparation book. You must be at least 17 years of age at the time of application and and 18 at state registration. IBEW Local 46 cosponsors PSEJATC to provide training for Apprentices and Journey Level electricians in the organized electrical industry within the IBEW Local 46 jurisdiction which includes King, Kitsap, Jefferson, and Clallam counties. actually one of the best courses for the electrical aptitude test. The test also covers units of measurement and conversion tables. Not meant meant to teach algebra 1 from scratch or a distant memory. UPDATE Jun-2-2019: *** The course has been fully reviewed, edited, and cleared for re-launch. Duolingo has something similar so others who have a better grasp can answer the question, and that enables you to either ask a new question, or see if someone has already answered a similar query. Since the questions are similar to what will be on the test, working in this course calms my fears of the unknown. If you are absolutely out of practice and need to relearn, I would recommend this used along side khan academy or something. This course has been very helpful in getting back up to speed. I definitely would like to get my money back. Between interview and start time depends on the score you get from the interview and the ranking number you are on. I feel this will give me the ability to pass the test with no problem. Exactly way I needed. If you are reading this, just remember that the money is an investment in yourself. How did this test prep compare to Aptitude NJATC test? Definitely a review, though. As a result, while the tests for every UA is similar, it does change from one locale to the next. I have been out of school for a few years now and this is a good refresher. great program for anyone who is trying to pass the aptitude test. Home of the nation’s first IBEW union, the 4,600 union members in the St. Louis region keep the lights on in the Gateway to the West. I haven’t taken my test yet but I’m very confident I will pass my test with flying colors and be on my to become a full fleged electrician. Actually enjoyed doing it! Try It Yourself – Number Series Sample Question: What is the next number in the following series of numbers? I know I’m going to get a great score and an interview for doing well. 7           10            15           22          31. Great program so far. The course is then concluded by its core component – simulating full-length tests that follow the structure and concepts of the Trade Entrance Aptitude Test. Very good idea.

It was super helpful and contained everything I would need, but being able to print it out and have a hard copy of the material would have made it so much better!


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