For one thing, the fake-pregnancy story line … This a new storyline, and while I still have tasks to complete, there are no more levels to play! Login. Only after arriving at the house does Lily, fresh off a recent heartbreak, find out that she has to restore the entire garden to keep it. Lily’s Garden is a story-based puzzle game. Over four years ago, in these excellent series of articles, GameRefinery outlined what was needed to make a successful match-3 puzzle game by distinguishing between single-dimensional and multi-dimensional games, and it still holds up. In Lily’s Garden, the titular Lily unexpectedly inherits the property of her deceased great aunt. Help Lily restore her great-aunt’s garden to its former glory and rediscover her roots. The story of Lily’s Garden begins with Mary receiving the sad news that her great-aunt Mary had passed away. As the player solves levels to restore the gardens, the narrative plays out at each step. Lily’s Garden is a three-in-one puzzle game, complemented by a sophisticated storyline and stunning dialogs at the level of this series, where each character has his own character and in a certain way affects the life of the main character. With Lily’s Garden, Tactile has combined a Collapse core-game with the highly popular redecoration meta-game. As always, metrics below were gathered using GameRefinery. ANSWERS; WALKTHROUGHS; GAMES. The targeted ads inform me that Lily, apparently, lives for drama. The reality of Lily’s Garden is even more complicated. The massive house is centered in a sprawling garden that has gone a bit wild. Latest Games Popular Games iOS Games Android Games More Games. As she enters her aunt’s huge estate, she is greeted by aunt Mary’s lawyer who reads out a … To complete this project, Lily will need all the help she can get. Also, Lily is the now the only heir of the LaRosa family estate. Dig into a story full of twists and turns as Lily interacts with a cast of colorful characters. Lily has inherited her Great-Aunt Mary's house and extensive grounds but there is a catch: she has 30 days to restore them if she wants to keep the inheritance. But the advert became viral, spawning several Lily’s Garden memes. And, her duty is to restore the decrepit mansion back to its former glory. REVIEWS. Lily’s Garden has been floating around the top 50 grossing during the last quarter of 2019. Find answers for Lily's Garden on <3 Durin… Lily’s great aunt passed away, leaving her property to her niece. I'm on day 71, level 3024. Lily's Garden is a mobile puzzle game developed and released by Tactile Games.


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