Although some aspects of juvenile behaviour are precursors of adult behaviour, other aspects are specifically adapted to the survival of the young animal. Caroline and Andrewa - I put him straight in the box without food - he was very stressed after being chased for an hour and it was after 8pm, he was also very wet, but the first time I saw him (scuse the sexism) it was a sunny warm Thurs morn and he was bone dry and only managed to get on the fence via bouncing up the buddleia. As for the other two they were both very fast on their feet. , a moulting juvenile European Starling retains its pale gray head briefly. Having ruled out starvation and/or being cold and wet I am at a loss as to why these two birds could not fly, despite flapping their wings. By using our service, you agree to our use of cookies. Cookies help us deliver our service. Fingers crossed that he's able to fly. I can't see how he could out run 3 of us for all that time if he had internal injuries. It had no marks on it (definitely not been predated) and no obvious cause of death. He was very nippy and as we have lots of ground cover and thick bushes that he kept going into we failed miserably. Unlike their greenish-black iridescent parents, this year’s young European Starlings had a drab gray-brown plumage through the summer. Tonight, in the heavy rain, I saw him sat in the bush and when I approached he fluttered across the grass. A great image of this Youngster that is either hungry or singing out. We always have lots of starlings visit our garden and they bring their young to feed here. Both birds were jumping into my bushes and hopping to the top then flapping from the top - not as gormless as they look huh? The behaviour of sexually immature animals. A couple of days later a juvenile was struggling to get in the air, lots of flapping but only managing to get a foot or two in the air. Wildlife and nature, Voters: Eventually he came out of the bush and managed to gain enough height to get over the fence and into some trees a few feet away. Perhaps I should also say for the record that these sick juveniles are not freshly fledged - they have lost that dumpy, no-necked look that the dependent babes have and are nice and sleek looking. Yesterday morning a youngster was flapping a foot or so off the ground, but after a while managed to scramble onto the fence and from there glided downwards towards the bottom of the nearby trees. Kate:D, That is not the usual pose! It doesn't take much for a young bird to starve and with the unseasonable weather they would likely succumb quicker than usual.

I am just so very worried that there is something contagious either caused by something in my garden or being passed from bird to bird in the garden. An attitude like this deserves a Guest Editor Award. :D All the personality of a starling in one shot. Finally managed to catch up with a Rose-Coloured Starling after a few failed attempts over the years of trying to see one we finally managed to see one, why they always seem to turn up in housing estates though makes me laugh. We always have lots of starlings visit our garden and they bring their young to feed here. We spend 90% of net income on conservation, public education and advocacy, The RSPB is a member of BirdLife International. That is worrying Debz, did you offer it anything to eat and if so did it eat? I think Caroline may be right with her thoughts. It had no marks on it (definitely not been predated) and no obvious cause of death. Search for all the latest photography gear and services in our dedicated photography directories. The first of these seemed pretty fit for the first two days then the third day he was all forlorn looking, and just standing around, which is how I managed to catch him. Great job Tim! Geoff. Angry Juvenile Starling By bobpaige1 Follow. Get the latest photography news straight to your inbox by signing up to our newsletter. Great image clarity and a great timing... Fabulous....a seriously pissed off bird. However,by the following morning he had passed away - no apparent cause. They wander over the ground, often quite rapidly, poking their closed bill into the ground and using their strong jaw muscles to force open the bill and search for soil insects and other invertebrates. Tomorrow he is going into the aviary for a test flight to see how he fares. My daughter has just suggested a congenital defect (with the 2 birds being siblings maybe) from too much inbreeding!!!!!!!! If it isn't going to be possible to return him to the wild I am thinking of keeping him myself (as the wildlife hosp struggles to keep all those unable to be returned to their natural habitat) although I'm not too sure whether starlings need any special care. Great image clarity and a great timing... Out of control---- a very excellent image ! A great capture. Had I left him in the garden he would be likely to be predated as there are several cats in the area that lurk in the garden at night and next doors cat is let out every morning at 5am. Hello can you give advice how to add a photo to the on going fence post thread, thank you in advance, strange (and sad) juvenile starling behaviour. Last week my husband found a dead juvenile starling in the garden when he got up. Peter.

Starlings forage in lawns, fields, and other open areas with short vegetation. As there is nobody home at the wildlife hosp he is at present in a box with hay in the bottom waiting for morning so I can drop him off (if he's still with us). This time I caught him in a matter of minutes and took him to our local wildlife hosp. Also it has been bucketing down and stormy here, with similar weather forecast. Yes Alan, I have lots of starlings all year round too (approx 200 over winter) with lots of fledglings last year, and I too have never seen one unable to get off the ground, very perplexing. Dixy. This is a cracking shot Bob, full of attitude this bird. After several hours of this, night was closing in and we tried to catch him. (before the Cottonwood joins with Wascana Creek).


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