Busuu has a better grasp on their strategic positioning and has obviously put a lot of thought behind their product marketing. Both companies could easily create a premium or enterprise tier that speaks directly to the needs of these Advanced language learners, thereby justifying a higher price tag for Differentiable Features. JK.

Shopify is the go to e-commerce platform for entrepreneurs and small businesses. Or just seeking out apps like Duolingo that are different? Busuu offers a language learning experience that compares to Duolingo. For three or six months, it is $8.33 per month; for 12 months, that decreases to $5.83; and for 24 months, it's only $5.41. A beautiful experience with pre-built flash card collections that you can use. TripLingo is a language app designed for travelers, specifically international travelers. It also allows you to learn dozens of languages including Spanish, French, English, and more. Right now, it looks like they're only really targeting beginners. If they're not doing it already, these two companies can make a direct impact on their revenue just by localizing price for a few specific countries. Better, similar, or different?

It’s also designed for mobile-first, so you can learn on-the-go, while you’re commuting or bored at home! Perhaps not the best app though if you want to go deeper into learning a new language. This app like Duolingo, helps you learn basic grammar and vocabulary in your target language.

I use Busuu and I like it quite a bit -- in fact Busuu is why I allowed my 130+ day hot streak on DL to die. If you want to improve your conversation skills, we recommend checking out Rype or Tandem. Either way, if you want an app that offers resources for your international travels on top of basic language resources, this is great choice. This post was originally written and published by Chris Castiglione, founder of OneMonth.com, who used Rype and other language services …, This post has been syndicated from Business Insider. This is a great tactic because it gives Busuu a way to show the Most Popular and Best Value plans, as well as drive potential customers towards an annual package. Better, similar, or different? More importantly, it allows you to multi-task while listening because it doesn’t require your full attention. An ad-free experience isn't something that many people are willing to pay for, and the quizzes and offline offer are pretty much table stakes for a language learning app.

But if they want to expand out of the personal market and appeal to more businesses, they need to switch up their positioning. Three months vs. six months at the same price is a really effective strategy that a lot of people don't think about.”. If you're asking yourself why either company should make that change, take a look at this data from current and prospective customers about their willingness to pay: Business use cases have more than twice the willingness to pay than personal use cases. value proposition is not as specific as Busuu's and only showcases one aspect of what Duolingo's overall platform has to offer. When you visit their website, most of their tools are focused on travelers, not language learners. We hope you enjoyed this overview of apps like Duolingo that are similar, different, and even better.

That gamification is what Duolingo is known for, and likely one of the main drivers for their growth, at least in terms of their mobile app. A quick search on YouTube on Duolingo and you’ll be flushed with dozens of videos of people quitting the language app. Both Busuu and Duolingo are huge players in the language learning market. Prior to ProfitWell Patrick led Strategic Initiatives for Boston-based Gemvara and was an Economist at Google and the US Intelligence community. Busuu starts out with a freemium plan, offering upgrades to premium based on the plan length. But you may remember back in the days when they used to sell physical CD’s. Duolingo is a great app because it’s a free resource that allows anyone to gain the basics of a new language.

For as long as we can remember, using flash cards were either an ugly experience online or you had to rely on physical cards. Either way, if you want an app that offers resources for your international travels on top of basic language resources, this is great choice. After that, Busuu definitely comes out ahead with their contract-length pricing tiers. What’s missing is a curriculum and lesson plan that helps you go from beginner to intermediate or intermediate to advanced. “Busuu's price scales depending on how long you sign up for, and I love it! When we dig into the data a bit further, interesting opportunities arise for both companies in terms of willingness to pay. Duolingo also starts with a freemium plan with the option to upgrade to Duolingo Plus at a flat $6.99 a month. Their lessons are organized by chapters, and is not as gamified as Duolingo. However, it has its limits, and can quickly get redundant. Better, similar, or different? But personally I like busuu and memrise more than duolingo, because after about 5 lessons on here they start teaching you things that you wouldn't EVER say, plus it is rather hard for me to retain my Duolingo … Busuu and Duolingo also have a bit of an opportunity when it comes to language proficiency. Rype gives you immediate access to handpicked teachers that will offer a fully personalized lesson plan based on your needs and goals. While busuu is an attractive app, it doesn't displace Duolingo … “Localizing your price points is actually a really strong growth lever because the demand and the cost of living are going to be different based on the country or area your customers are in.”. Busuu is among the better free language learning apps, although its Premium subscription adds a lot and is worth the cost.

That means if you want to learn French, after learning Spanish, you’ll have to pay for a separate membership. However, unlike Duolingo, Busuu has a more limited free version as they have a premium subscription-based business model. We recommend you check out our article on Duolingo vs. Babbel. From an acquisition standpoint, both Busuu and Duolingo rely on the power of the freemium model. And you can see that carried through to their Busuu Premium pricing page as well. : Better/Similar. JK. Their 'Learn a language for free. Better, similar, or different? Better, similar, or different? All of the metrics you need to grow your subscription business, end-to-end. Like Duolingo, it’s free as long as you’re OK with listening to sponsors. Annual pricing, in general, helps potentially decrease churn and keep average revenue per user (ARPU) high. TripLingo also offers phrasebooks and voice translators, which seems to be their key language learning features. Enter Memrise. Better, similar, or different? They have evolved their model recently by introducing a cloud version of their app via a subscription model. From a user interface and experience perspective, it looks and feels quite similar to Duolingo. statement doesn't provide any qualifying information about why a customer should pay $6.99 a month for this plan. But you may remember back in the days when they used to sell physical CD’s. Better, similar, or different? Duolingo goes for a much simpler and straightforward approach, with a home page that plays up the freemium aspects of their platform. Better, similar, or different? There’s arguably no better way to learn how to speak a new language than through practicing with native speakers. Rype gives you immediate access to handpicked teachers that will offer a fully personalized lesson plan based on your needs and goals.

However, it’s a useful complement if you want to improve your writing skills in Spanish, French, or more. Podcasts are free, plentyful, and incredibly productive for learning any new language. While Duolingo is a gamified approach to language learning, MindSnacks is literally a language game. While the technology is applicable for memorizing just about anything, its main focus seems to be around foreign languages.

Probably the most important of those opportunities is related to price localization, which is when you tailor your price to the willingness to pay of a specific area. They claim to focus more on conversation lessons, and others seem to justify paying for their premium courses. That's not to say that Duolingo hasn't, it's just that their playful branding and gamified learning don't really appeal to us, and would be a harder sell as a business use case. Estoy muy feliz, ¿saben porque?


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