All Other Forms of Sexual Misconduct: Students are also encouraged to contact the College's Title IX Campus Coordinator, Dean John Rose ( or 212-650-3262) or Colleen Barry ( or 212-772-4534) and seek complimentary services through the Counseling and Wellness Services Office, Hunter East 1123. be able to design and implement a computer program in Python of realistic complexity that includes functions, list/array data structures, user and file I/O, loops and conditionals. The syllabus is the intellectual property of instructors or the university.

There will be no late submissions. Quizzes are offered 11am-6:30pm Mondays to Fridays, when classes are in session. in the last third of the course.

We will end most lectures with past exam questions and review to prepare for the final.

Boston University, Fall 2020 . A partially correct answer will receive partial credit at my discretion. Arts and Science endstream endobj 418 0 obj <. Github: a freely available site for hosting and collaborating, particularly for programming. C++: a programming language that is freely available. As the semester progresses, quizzes will include review questions On Assignment 3, a significant majority of the class proposed using Stuart Wray’s “driver/navigator” pair programming method for group work in this class.

There is one, written, 75-minute, midterm exam scheduled for Thursday, March 12, 2020. Information on downloading it for your computer will be available in. 0 The driver’s responsibility is to be actively typing up the solution to the problem being worked on. Any errors must be reported within 10 days from the day the grades were published. Please submit in time as much of the assignment as you can. Lab Quizzes: up to 25% (if you miss a quiz, or do better on the final exam, your grade on the final will replace that paper quiz grade). Lecture Participation: At every lecture (Tuesdays, 9:45am-11:00pm, 118 HN), there will be a lecture slip to be submitted, either electronically or on paper. are responsible for knowing and following Hunter College's We will end most lectures with past exam questions and review to prepare for the final. All programming assignments will be submitted to gradescope. This course is part of a XSeries Program. The minimal penalty for this type of offense is a grade of zero in the course.

To see what slots are available, scroll down to the Math Tutoring section to see what times are open.

Homework: Programming exercises are posted on the class

Section: 0. Blackboard: the learning management system used throughout CUNY. How to Think Like a Computer Scientist (Python 3). You should submit as much of the assignment that you manage to solve within the allocated time. General Information. This full-year course is designed for students in grades 9–10, although any students across grades 9–12 may enroll. Ideally you will work on the Online lab sometime between Tuesday and Wednesday, and take the quiz right after completing the lab to asses your understanding. Although the Units are independent of each other, together they provide a comprehensive introduction to the field of Computer Science. You Develops computational problem-solving skills by programming in the Python language, and exposes students to variety of other topics from computer science and its applications. Students are expected to learn both the material covered in class and the material in the textbook and other assigned reading. Map scientific problems into computational frameworks.

be fluent in hexadecimal and binary numbering schemes. No late homework is accepted. Accounts are provided automatically to all enrolled students.

complete. You will learn how to design, write, and analyze code to solve computational problems. However, for specific See. If you arrive to class late on Tuesday for any reason, please enter quietly. (Paper) Quizzes: up to 25% (if you miss a quiz, or do better on the final exam, your grade on the final will replace that paper quiz grade). To remove any doubt: you cannot share any amount of source code with other students. If you are suspected of academic dishonesty, then a complaint will be filed with the university disciplinary board (ועדת משמעת) and a detailed report placed in your academic records.

Syllabus Piazza Forum Schedule/Calendar. Python: a programming language that is freely available across multiple platforms. A tentative schedule is posted on the course web page. Computer Access: Part of this course will use university NOTE: Note: Recommended for students with Computer Science 30, CMPT 140 or CMPT 105, or for students in programs that require MATH 110 (or equivalent). Final Exam: 30% (up to 65% if you do better on the final exam than on lab quizzes, lecture previews, and lecture quizzes). An introduction to computer science and problem solving using procedural programming.

An introduction to computer science as a tool to solve real-world analytical problems using Python 3.5.

However, it is important that the navigator yield the actual programming responsibilities to the driver. They reinforce concepts If you are turning in an assignment late, you must notify your instructor before the assignment deadline. This course is part of a Professional Certificate. Instead, if you miss a lecture preview, your grade on the final exam will replace that grade. department and on-campus. Note that as the semester progresses, the This course is pre-requisite to several introductory core courses in the CS Major. complete. TIP:

Taking quizzes is also great practice for the final exam, which will be in the same format, albeit longer. Because the goal of the quizzes is to check that you have learned basic skills, an answer that is “basically” correct will receive full credit, even if there are minor syntax issues. Sample and past exams are available on the course webpage.

You must appropriately cite any code or documentation you copy or modify, including code provided by the instructor. Students who submit similar solutions will be sent to VA'ADAT MISHMA'AT (ועדת משמעת). Any assignment turned in after the assigned deadline but before the next class period will receive a 25% late penalty; any assignment turned in after the following class period will receive a zero. See.

Unix: an operating system that underlies Ubuntu Linux (what the lab computers run) as well as MacIntosh OSX. You may submit the work more than once, and the latest submission that was submitted before the deadline will be checked.

You can also message me privately by sending me a Direct Message. Laboratory Exercises: Each week, you are expected to work through the associated lab exercise. To eliminate any doubts, we make no distinction between the two (or more) sides of the cheating. Each quiz will remain online after the deadline but you will no longer be able to receive a grade. Subject: Computer Science. NOTE: In this course, lecture previews will be given via Blackboard. For full details about upcoming courses, refer to the class search


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