Further efforts are being made to clean up the polluted sections of this large salmonids native habitat. It is the biggest challenge for all fishermen. Adult huchen, which grow to an average of eighty pounds and a length of four feet, are voracious predators. Fly Fishing; Carp Fishing; Spin Fishing; Sea Fishing; Fishing Holidays The upper reaches of the Danube basin, rivers and tributaries contain almost all of the recent population. Being a fishing guide, I like Danube salmon fishing mostly. Today, this specimen stands as stuffed exhibit at the wall of hotel's foyer in Plav. endobj 4 0 obj endobj Feb 13, 2014 - Fly fishing for huchen. The huchen has a slender body that is nearly round in cross-section. Fry are released in appropriate places once they have reached 4 to 10 cm (1.6 to 3.9 in).[17]. stream <> It is a challenging fish to catch, but that makes it even more rewarding when happens. Depending on the water depth, floating, intermediate or fast sinking in class III are used. On the Sava bohinjka and Sora rivers, the odds on catching one on a fly (fish or scalpin imitation) are pretty good. When breeding, a female will make a pit in the gravel and lay the eggs, which are then fertilized by one male. Hucho/Huchen/Danube salmon is generally present in the area where it is abundance of other fish species like nose carp, barbell, grayling, rainbow trout, chub. With a maximum total length of up to 183 cm and a weight of up to 60 kg However, to successfully cast such a large fly, you need powerful equipment. The top and sides of this fish are various shades of brown, and the belly is a pale white. !���6O7D,�Q���B���p�3�o~��w�!���K�Ϋ[V�s|���y1C��:� )��Pe )� "��:�^��h��!�ֲ,i����0:8��|�2�'N�˷h+���Q�PI�vk��/o�g�C�'���G �ܷAB43������J��a5TP_�Hd��'2�N�U� ck{������.gg|_�!G�X[-CFő��>�2t`�1Z���9h��r�:g#H�K̨�*�G������1�{��r�~�Y�k�$�����f�|���)&XN[KMb�i�CX�ڨ��ȂoS���Ŭ{��3 ����2��Y���R"�*(0��e*V�P��*f]�}X���-�Q�?C6��3B���Ԓ.sGOY���5x[��k�ȩ�T���M�‡H��_Eё:�yrÛ��2�"�o䠭D�M�:y���3ڎ;�m�I��R�'P. Those are its food source. HALL OF FAME – ELITE HUCHO-HUCHO catches of 110+ cm in both classes Fly and Spin fishing.

[10][11] Dževat Šarkinović, angler from Plav, caught Danube salmon weighting 41.3 kg (91 lb), 145 cm (57 in) long, in late spring of 1985 in lake Plav,[12] and gave it to Hotel "Plavsko jezero" who presented it at International Fair of Hunting and Fishing in Novi Sad where it was noted as a "world record". x��Z[o�8~7������Hh�"J�4�ew�8�>�E�؎�ibe�����seI�̸V�%��wn<7ypX,�ף�z58\.G��]���/��������l�-��b0\]-q��t4����1��ߋx��LH1�$����{������y�78n�_�{&EL�D�H�,�1;��o� �=�jlFWiy��߻X������N`���{�Aa;��� ��e~���4ϗ��QE�K��咘+y����� ]�\���O����j���w�Y�\��:�"a&K�J��؂;�K&�M"2I�^���5ϒ���8�W�M�/�i��E7m� It prefers areas with rapid flows and cold water. These salmon have a very unique shape among members of their family. Depletion of stocks due to overexploitation, industrial pollution, waterway redirection and badly designed or non-existent fish ladders in …

The huchen is a highly territorial fish, and guards both its nest and its territory when not spawning vigorously against intruders.

Danube salmon are often found in rivers that form the Danube tributaries (in Central Europe). <>>>

It is called a Meter fish. And than is when the proper Hucho-hucho fishing or fly fishing starts! Currently, […] Generation time: 11.0 ( na - na) years. They eat mostly smaller fish, but have also been known to take amphibians, reptiles, water birds, and small mammals as part of their diet. Huchen live exclusively in fresh water, and will swim upstream from the lakes that they occupy in order to breed.

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To fish for Hucho – Huchen - Danube salmon it is allowed to spin or fly fish. [16] Larvae hatch 30 to 35 days after fertilization. It is the type species of its genus. It is the biggest challenge for all fishermen.

Sooner or later one reaches that border tag. It is a close relative of the Mongolian taimen. Such positive example is the part of the course of the river Inn, with some 30 km (19 mi)-long stretch around the Bavarian town of Mühldorf was rebuilt and renaturalized and the huchen has returned in recent years.

The simple answer would be because the behaviour or should we say the character of the Hucho-Hucho is very special and challenging.The Hucho is the most dominant and territorial fish in the rivers that flow into the Danube, whence the Hucho-Hucho originated from. HALL OF FAME – ELITE HUCHO-HUCHO catches of 110+ cm in both classes Fly and Spin fishing. Although many conservation efforts are underway to commercially breed and re-introduce huchen hatchlings into their natural habitat, the complex conditions of the hatch and spawn cycle make the effort quite difficult. See more ideas about Fly fishing, Fish, Salmon. There is a magical border in Hucho-Hucho fishing. �����e�F���E�&�'36$�ݍ�g|�*�G�cH\�o���d�Hy�;|�������b&���?�z8����O� ��!&`�`�@�sP�-|'V������i� �C �쪫��ՉBB7���aM���"����O��!H�9/���/�X�'@%�?&�� ���!���y�Jf��&�3�2�����������{�=y��w��X�w&����3_f�3Ը�_(���ۖ� ��(���H� ��E�Z����2���F�����u��Si�$��)\у���1 ��0%��}�Q$�E�^BZ���&��S �c�EY�'x%����h�&_�V@5���2��N����������?��%*�?�9��)dp6a�ń� This study focuses on the Huchen or Danube salmon Hucho hucho, a freshwater fish endemic to the Danube drainage, where it once occurred in all major tributaries and parts of the Danube itself. Important sport fish with minimum size of catch from 50-55 cm. 1 0 obj

[citation needed] I would like to say that was true but if you are not experienced enough and you don’t even have much luck, you can never catch this gorgeous fish. The Huchen salmon (also known as a Danube Salmon) is the largest fresh water occurrence of a member of the salmon family (Salmonidae) in the world. Those are its food source. A preying Danube salmon can spring to its victim from the very bottom. Of course, a large population of this species also inhabits the Danube itself (hence its name).

Yet, when fishing for Danube salmon with a large streamer, the fishing leaders shouldn’t be too thin- the optimal thickness is 0.35 – 0.40 mm. [9] <>/ExtGState<>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> After that, it is advised to tow the fish, at the same time you must keep a tight line at all times, so that it does not come off accidentally. Because of its endangered status, the huchen salmon is not available for fishing in any degree in the world. Fishing for it is only permitted in winter time (November - February). Huchen on the fly. And than is when the proper Hucho-hucho fishing or fly fishing starts! People often say that hucho hucho- Danube salmon is a fish of thousand casts.. Every centimetre above 100 means a hard work and also skill..


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