Und auch die Abmessungen halten sich mit 145,9 x 71,9 x 9 Millimetern in Grenzen - und das obwohl die Bilddiagonale im Vergleich zum One M9 deutlich gewachsen ist. So this is the first time Australians get to try the new processor, ... and while the company started to dabble in last year’s HTC One (M9), this year’s effort in the HTC 10 ups the ante.

Reviews That’s still a day. 2) ROM: 32 GB Rückkamera: 12 MP... unserer Autoren There are capacitive key at the bottom of the display including capacitive home button that has finger print senor.

HTC 10: O2 verteilt Update auf Android 8.0, so unterstützt das HTC 10 anders als das LG G5 und Galaxy S7 die Einbindung der Speicherkarte in den Gerätespeicher (Adoptable Storage), Die besten Micro-SD-Karten für das HTC 10. But when we plug in the good pair of headphone that’s where the real magic begins. 2'' Display aus! Flüssiger geht es drzeit kaum: Nicht nur in den Benchmarks spielt das HTC 10 in der Regel ganz vorne mit, auch im realen Alltag schlägt es sich so gut, dass ich es sogar als Spiele-Handy dezidiert empfehlen kann. Lies dir vorher unsere Datenschutzbestimmungen durch. Freestyle changes that by allowing you to kill the almost magnetic alignment and put icons where ever you want, in theory crafting scenes that are more playful and involve an immense amount of customisation. HTC has never quite managed to nail the camera on its past few flagships.

This is one of those things that devices have needed for years, and is strangely one of the more interesting parts of the HTC 10, even though you’d never realise it since it’s not part of the advertising. HTC ONE M10  has also metallic body with noticeable bezel around the display. "Smartphone", Nichts verpassen mit dem NETZWELT-Newsletter. Even without a price tag, it’s pretty clear that the HTC 10 is HTC’s best phone yet, but as to whether it’s the best on the market, that we’re not entirely sure about. Eine Aktualisierung in Echtzeit findet nicht statt, so dass der Preis seit der letzten Aktualisierung gestiegen sein kann. It still holds up in 2020 and now that Apple, Google, and Oneplus are releasing medium range phones, the HTC 10 can easily outmatch these current offers from the mentioned companies. Zwar verzichtet HTC wie eingangs erwähnt beim HTC 10 auf die charakteristischen BoomSound-Lautsprecher - dennoch müssen Fans sich nicht um das Klangerlebnis sorgen. HTC didn’t quite nail 2015’s flagship phone, so can the 2016 one turn the company around? 94 Mobiltelefone. It's August, 2020 and my 10 is still running perfectly from new in 2016. While this might help to portrait and lower light situation. Battery life with Bluetooth switched on is also a full day. I wish there is software support on this phone, but so far no virus has ever penetrated and wreaked havoc so I am ok with the current software version (Android 8.0)

Bertajuk HTC One M10, sudah bisa dipastikan jika ponsel pintar yang satu ini merupakan suksesor dari HTC One M9 yang penjualannya cukup sukses di pasaran. But searching online quite a few people have batteries that went bad within 2 years of owning it. Had bootloop problems since day one, the device fro... Dude,do you even know what the hell is sd 730?i have an lg g6 and moto g5s plus,sd 821 and sd ... wat a phone! One area that HTC has always been in — at least for its One range — has been audio, and this was the first company that saw standard audio in smartphones as being just too standard. HTC 10 review: Performance. This is a new technology, mind you, to get battery amounts up to sustainable amounts when the charge gets low, with half the battery charged in 30 minutes, giving you enough for what HTC claims is a day of charge, though in our tests would get you closer to merely “a working day” of charge. Android app Battery life is pretty good and I still love the HTC user interface, as it is slick and easy to use, but very functional. It is always frustrating when you get disturbed by a WhatsApp notification and you open the phone to check it out just to see... Xiaomi’s Redmi lineups are great without a doubt, but that doesn’t mean they are perfect. Doch all das reicht nicht, um etwa Nutzer der Galaxy-S-Klasse zum Wechseln zu animieren.


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