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This reading aloud worksheet is based on the poem 'Ferry me across the water' by Christina Rossetti. Excercise in writing a book review from a longer account of the book. h�bbd``b`Z$�� �� � $���� ��x"v�d�X&@�k�p����*&F�U C�&�3��` ��# endstream endobj startxref 0 %%EOF 55 0 obj <>stream Discover how contour lines on maps are used to understand the terrain around you, including gradients of hills, valleys and steepness of climbs. Other documents like Word docs or Google docs may not always look the same when opened on different machines. Thanks! PDFs are also easy to share, can be secured and locked down to prevent changes to the content, and are easy to create without advanced software or technical knowledge. .�ṛ�^�=�9c���" Neil and Denise talk about their struggle to get a full payout on their gap insurance policy. Male wearing glasses and pink shirt: It's very important when you're looking at a job description, because we need to not only read, but we also need to understand what the employer is looking for. It randomly jumps between different sections of the page, i.e. Male wearing glasses and pink shirt: So we can actually put that in. There are many reasons they have remained popular, so many in fact that we probably take for granted why they are so effective. PDFs are a perfect snapshot of a paper document, and can be universally opened across devices and applications with a consistent experience. newspaper articles, charts, summaries, adverts, reviews), Using skills covered in other topics to aid reading: skimming, scanning detailed reading, Using skills covered in other topics to aid understanding: fact and opinion, images and charts, summarising, use of dictionary, Creating different texts: an advert, a poster, a book review. During Reading – Visualize. z5����\�������r,�7����J��l�^�Y��-�z�ZM���h�f��L�٩�`ʣ�Ǧ� �Z)A���^B{���#�����Q�Uxi,��\�s�=? A summary is a shortened version of a longer text.


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