Watch the water change color and remove the leaves only when a full and bold color is achieved. This is the easiest way to make loose leaf tea and is especially good if you want to read your … 4. FREE SHIPPING on US orders $50+ | Store Pickup available. It’s easily available in the grocery department. 2. Simply, prepare it the Chinese way by placing the tea leaves directly into the hot water for infusion. All of these specialized tools can simplify the brewing process by helping to remove the leaves from the water when the tea is ready to drink. Once brewed, grab another mug and place the sieve on top of it. Microwave and microwave safe cup  All you need is hot water, loose tea, and a cup to drink. 1. © Adams & Russell Coffee Roasters Reg. Typically 3 min per 8 oz of water. Tea cups The traditional method of brewing tea in China has been around for centuries. Be ready for spills if your brewing vessel is not designed for pouring! Simply grab a piece of kitchen roll and fold twice into a square. A password reset link will be e-mailed to you. 6. If you are making Oolong tea go to step 10, Green tea go to step 11, Black tea go to step 12, Red/Rooibos tea go to step 13, White tea go to 14. But suppose, you just picked up loose leaf at the store (or you ordered a FREE sample from our online store) and forgot to pick up a tea ball infuser. To use your cheesecloth to make tea: Cut a 3 inch by 3 inch section of cheesecloth Place a teaspoon of loose tea in the middle Wrap the cheesecloth into a ball and tie the end to prevent it from opening. Explore our Plum Deluxe tested-and-approved loose tea accessories. So, could someone tell me step-by-step how I could brew the tea? If you don’t have a sieve or slotted spoon at home, you must have a fork lying about somewhere. [1] X Research source Use an electric kettle, stovetop kettle, or a saucepan to warm up the water. Many people use a tea strainer to make their brew.

Teaspoon Because tiny bits of leave will float on the surface. How to make perfect tea without teabags Why don't more of us use loose-leaf tea when it makes a better cuppa and is better for the environment? 9.

In fact, our Competition Set is just a small version of this basic setup, with a small notch in the rim of the cup to allow for the brew to pour. Even a to-go cup with a small opening for sipping can function as a passable strainer in a pinch. If you cannot find one, you can alternatively place the leaves in a teapot, and strain after brewing. Alright, you just brought home some loose leaf tea (or maybe received your first Plum Deluxe tea club order) and you can’t wait to make a cup! 4. We present to you all sorts of Teas from different regions for different taste fanatics asa lot can happen over a cup of Tea. Open up the bag and pour in your loose leaf. In the last blog post, we discussed few ways to make loose leaf tea with an infuser. Place the cup partially in the mug as you’re pouring the tea into the clean mug. Even if you are traveling and don’t have access to your teawares, you can still enjoy your cup of tea. This method can be messy if you’re not careful, so you may want to practice the first few times over the sink. ( Log Out /  Loosely place a small cloth on top of the empty mug and slowly pour the tea from the mug you used for brewing. Once done steeping, remove tea strainer from the teapot and set the strainer aside (Note: may be very hot). Spoon the tea leaves into pot, pour in hot water, and steep, just like you would with the first method, above.

4. Or, you may be reluctant to use a tea bag for your brewing. This is a common technique even among collectors of specialized teaware when brewing teas that might contain fine leaf particles. Cup It. If the sieve is much larger than the mug, you’ll have to keep hold of it when pouring.

This method uses the same idea as the coffee filter approach. Alternatively, use it to make your own tea bags with dry loose leaf tea. When done correctly, loose leaf tea can be created without the need for a strainer and can create a much tastier drink! As soon as the kettle has clicked, remove it and pour the water straight into your cup or teapot. 2. My aim was to demonstrate how simple making a cup of tea can be. Pour loose tea leaves in a cup. What will you do then? By continuing to use this website, you consent to the use of cookies in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Once the water is boiling and steps 4-6 are complete, remove the water from microwave.

When the tea is ready, pour it into your tea cup through a mesh kitchen strainer or slotted spoon to keep tea leaves out. If you don’t have it, nor worry. As most people have a sieve in their kitchen, this is an easy way to brew when you don’t have an infuser at home.

Green Tea is best steeped (left in hot water) at 150-160 F for 2-4 minutes (Note: Green tea is very fragile if left in water longer than 4 minutes then the tea will become bitter), 12. As a fresh loose leaf appreciator, you might not have many tea bags lying around. ( Log Out /  Open the top of the teapot and place tea strainer into the top of the teapot. Change ). You can then drink from the clearer side. i can see this working for those that have the proper teapot or infuser, but i just cheat, i use my french press. I have shown three easy ways to brew loose leaf tea without an infuser. Who knew a coffee making device could double up as an infuser? For example, a fine black tea would might escape through holes that are too big, whereas green whole leaf would be fine. Place the loose leaf in the kitchen roll, pour over hot water and leave to brew. Terrible Instructable used Virginia Tech cup. Fold out one pocket and place into your mug. Alternatively, if you let the leaves steep for a prolonged period, you will create an extremely strong drink.

After all tea was never meant to be in a tea bag - it was only used as a way of transporting it out of China anyway but that's another story altogether.Loose tea loves space so it can fully infuse with the water.


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