By choosing an emu oil which is AEA certified, you can feel confident you are applying a top of the line oil to your skin or hair. Emu oil goes through to the inner layers where it can nourish newly forming skin cells or hair follicles. You will need to shake and mix them together for the full beneficial effects. Some brands use herbs or essential oils to cover up odors in lower quality oil, or they mix it with cheaper oils to reduce their price. There are different grades that affect the shelf life of emu oil. In the final step, the finished emu oil is carefully handled to ensure a quality and creamy product.

The refined emu oil then carries the AEA “Certified Fully Refined” seal. – Emu oils are now found in skin care lotions, shampoos and soaps.

Both types of oils have slight differences in how they’re processed and individual make-up. Our emus are raised humanely with plenty of fresh air, room to run, a healthy diet and careful handling. Un-refined emu oils are usually yellow in color. Why Are Prices of Emu Oil So Different Between Brands? The fat is extracted from the bird and refined for consumer use in a variety of applications. May or may be tested for purity by 3rd party laboratories, Choosing between 100% Fully-Refined vs Un-Refined emu oils, Purchasing oils made from reputable emu farms that follow sustainable, organic farming practices. Emu oil research. Retail Information Request.
Separated, they don't contain the full benefits of the oil's components. So, know what you are paying for and settle only for the best emu oil out there. Emu oil is a natural, omega rich oil that is refined from the fat of the emu bird. Companies with exclusive rights to a product can direct that kind of money with a realistic expectation of return on their investment. Emu Joy's emu oil is Grade A which is the highest quality and lasts up to 2 years if stored properly in a cool. Rodin Olio lusso - expensive fad or does it really work? This oil should be produced on farms which are organic. One of the greatest breakthroughs when it comes to modern skin care is definitely emu oil. You might get confused once you find out that there is yellow emu oil and white one. In fact, Grade A emu oil may be safely ingested and is made into capsule form as an excellent source for omega fatty acids which are essential to our bodies. If you have sensitive skin, emu oil is also completely hypo-allergenic and non-irritating. There is simply no incentive to put this kind of money into an FDA approval for a non-proprietary product such as emu oil. Emu oil products are widely available online and at health food stores and grocery stores around the world. Ultimately, you cannot go wrong with the AEA certified emu oils. Being AEA Certified is an honor that is extended only to those few suppliers who comply with all of the requirements. Refined emu oils are usually white in appearance. Emu oil is transdermal, meaning “through or by way of the skin”. However, if there is no 3rd party testing performed on either type, the consumer will not be able to determine the exact purity and quality of both classes. As for the price, do not settle for anything lower or higher than $5 to $10 per ounce. However, the effect is the same, regardless of the color, which stems from the nutrition of the animal. The whole purpose of having a “certified emu oil” is to provide consumers with a safe product that has been properly tested, analyzed and standardized. Anything specific to be careful about? In order to use the oil for different applications, they should be properly processed and graded. The emu ranch we partner with consists of 40 acres where they are raised free range, with every aspect of production handled by the family run farm. Oil for Emu Joy comes from emus that are raised on a single farm in the western United States. After you’ve worked it in, you should notice temporary pain relief and reduced swelling. It can help people whose skin is parched, cracked, or has lost its smooth healthy look.

Aborigines in Australia have relied on emus for thousands of years as a source of food, clothing, and even jewelry. First, consider the quality of the oil How are the emu raised?

dry location. Depending on the process used, it may also remove some portion (or all) of the fatty acids naturally found in the oil. How do you decide where to buy? Our refined emu oil is then independently tested and approved by a certified AOCS (American Oil Chemists’ Society) chemist according to the American Emu Association Trade Rules. For the best possible quality, as it was mentioned above, you need 100% pure emu oil. Shop with one of our AEA Certified™ Business Members. Emu oil is derived from the fat deposits beneath the skin of the emu, a large, flightless bird native to Australia. Is it okay to store argan oil? Both fractions are needed for the most benefit. The emus are given different feeds for each stage of growth and enjoy a totally vegetarian (and organic as much as possible) diet that is high in protein, free of growth hormones, and contains no antibiotics. An emu oil rated for industrial use should not be used for cosmetic purposes; and oils made for cosmetic purposes may not be suitable as nutritional supplements.

This information will help you choose the best certified emu oil based on having standardized processing, accurate grading and reliable testing by 3rd party labs. Insufficient rendering of the fat will affect the stability of the final product and prevent it from being considered top grade. To be sure, you can always look for sellers who give you a chance to return the oil and get your money back if you are not satisfied.
We use a process called physical refining that involves natural clay filters which absorb the impurities and preserve the oil. Guide to Taking Oil of Oregano by Soft Gels and Dropper... Health Benefits of Cod Liver Oil for Joint Pain. Learn about emu oil on Wikipedia.

This can result in some companies selling low-quality oils with questionable purity issues. In fact, the fatty acid makeup of this oil is exactly the same as the one of our own skin.

While there are many emu product suppliers listed on the internet, we hope that you will consider shopping with one of our AEA Certified™ Business Members (listed below alphabetically). – There may be an increased risk for exposure to unwanted ingredients and rancid oils.

While some emu oils from Australia also meet high quality standards, be careful about oil from other countries like China or India, which don’t have similar strict quality guidelines in place and may not raise the emus humanely like they are on our farm. – Emu oil is not completed regulated in some countries, therefore, there are many products that might not contain what’s claimed on the ingredient label.


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