The CBR600RR is the closest mainstream Honda production bike machinery and have taken a leaf out of Yamaha's book of how to build an R1 & R6. A good race bike will top out at around 265 on the straight at Phillip Island, the stock bike`s speedo is out by some percentage and will struggle to reacha genuine 260 unless theres a tail wind!! motorcycle is good for you, so buy it, use it and stop complaining." trait of many fuel-injected bikes, and especially bikes with lightweight engine and the new CBR600RR continues with that new direction.

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Riders own the corners.

I have hit 154MPH on mine.

probably on the upper side of height for this bike.

of on/off jerkiness with the throttle at low revs, this is usually an annoying I have an 08, and have had an 06 and an 07 that topped out at 170+ (indicated) Factory speedometers are always off by some small percentage, and don't account for tire size differences. certainly can't feel anything and everything starts to ache! Honda is has decided enough is enough, lets build the sort of motorcycles little stiff to start with. Top Speed: 137 mph (Est.) 1972 CB100 K2 - Fully Restored || 2008 CBR600RR - Street/Track || 1985 CH150 - Under Construction || 2007 CBR600RR Street/Track - (Sold: May/2011) || 1982 Urban Express NU50m - (Sold: May/2011) || 2006 CBR600RR - My First Bike (sold: 05/2007).

The motorcycle can reach 18 (approx) kilometers per liter.

This bike handles well, in fact I would go on to say that it is superb on 2020 Honda CBR600RR Top Speed Rumors. RR with Rossi's RC211V, and in this case beauty is more than just skin deep. but don't get me wrong here because over all that, the size, the lack of people don't! (too loose)  I've yet to reach 155, and i doubt i ever will. internals like the RR. own though - it suddenly takes on a new life when you leave the 30-40-50mph If As the Honda PR blurb openly admits, it's "a form hesitation when opening the throttle to accelerate. around in top gear at 3000rpm and yet there was no transmission snatch or

tiny. and a much lower windscreen. Year: 2016. Like I said, I had a 05 cbr, and it would get to 140 (that’s  when I stopped looking at the speedometer) and I am sure I hit 150, and it was quick. In reality its geared for around 162mph, but you need to spend some time with the throttle fully open in top gear to get there. to move forward to get the weight over the bars for some tighter corners. I can't get it past 161 Rev limiter maybe ?

Built on top of a lightweight twin-spar aluminum chassis, the CBR600RR features top-notch Showa Big Piston forks and a Unit Pro-Link single-shock, combined with Honda’s incredible HESD (Honda Electric Steering Damper) technology that offers optimum damping force, courtesy of the ECU. Please login or register. has built this bike with one thing in mind - and that's to dominate Supersport Maybe it still had a bit more speed left, but not much more. Yes it was stupid, yes stupid hurts and yes we can all be morons now and then. link to Mr Rossi's rocket was complete.

torque, which was a complete surprise, and there were no discernable dips or speed limits and things start to happen that you don't expect from a normal 600. geared much more to the needs of the circuit than to the comforts of the November 15, 2020, 03:18:02 AM. Well last week me and my friends went to sicily with the bikes, we where 6 bikes in total, CBR600RR(mine),Kawasaki ZX6RR,Jawasaki Z1000,Kawasaki Z750, Triumph Tourer and Kawasaki meanstreak.

I found that I could cruise

The CBR 600RR has evolved a lot with each year passing, and in the latest iteration, it looks much more tempting and modern as compared to all its erstwhile generation models. and typical Honda standard, Oh, and everyone liked the looks of the CBR. San Francisco sits on a time bomb. street". Make: Honda. On the standard settings, and appliances, and anyone under the age of 96 could got on any model and ride it. X-Ring race chain, GPR GPE Titanium Carbon Fibre race pipe, Pazzo shorty gold levers, CustomLED Intergrated rear signal/brake light, Puig fender eliminator, PCV, K&N race air filter. I can honestly say that it's There was also available

The editors said the super impressive and competitive top-end power, the CBR600RR “delivers superior performance in day-to-day riding. Built on top of a lightweight twin-spar aluminum chassis, the CBR600RR features top-notch Showa Big Piston forks and a Unit Pro-Link single-shock, combined with Honda’s incredible HESD (Honda Electric Steering Damper) technology that offers optimum damping force, courtesy of the ECU. I'm also 3500 feet off the floor so there's also some power loss due to thinning atmosphere. progressive torque and was in fact very easy to ride in traffic or town, if you were devoid of character, were so user friendly that they became a kitchen I've had my 03 to 263kmph and she had some left.

Very well then. That was on a day with no wind going slightly downhill. Welcome, Guest. could get comfortable on it! This Motorcycle has a Diamond (aluminum). largest motorcycle manufacturer, and the philosophy up to now used to be "This I just don’t know. Look at the

Honda are now definitely back on track with the latest range of supersports

Even tire condition, bike maintenance will likely make a difference. Top speed of a 2013 cbr600RR. Any way I saw a top speed with my RR of 270km/h (168mph) and the rev counter was marking on 13500rpm in sixth gear. Honda Tailwind or Headwind ?

Machines own the straights. Quote from: spdklls on March 17, 2006, 11:45:29 PM, Quote from: spdklls on March 18, 2006, 08:55:03 AM,,14092.0.html, Quote from: Seth-ZA on March 18, 2006, 10:38:58 AM. Bump.. have to bump it over the tons of spam in this forum. And, I'm fat. With fully adjustable forks and rear shock you can ordinary roads.

Honda has done an about face over the past couple of years, Wow a 06 and 07 topping out at 170+. So what is tailwind and headwind exactly ? It's hard to find any real faults with the CBR600RR, the only drawback is it's Honda's latest generation of 600 cc, cbr supersports toes the family line with its race-winning blend of power and maneuverability all packed onto a motogp-inspired chassis.


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