I'm fine with him out while there aren't other characters first like Geralt or Spider-man. It still seems like the simplest explanation is the most difficult to understand. Yogiri might blink the verse but At least Xeno Goku doesn't come from a shitty isekai ripoff of one punch man. Even Xeno Goku beats Yogiri via using Super Shenron to summon CCC Gilgamesh to shitstomp Yogiri for him, have you forgotten?

I'm going to set some ground rules for this fight.

Goku vs Superman(s) - Part 1. At least half of who Goku is as a person could accurately be described as "guy who would do almost anything to get into Smash".

so naturally he stomps yogiri and he's lame as verse. I love characters when they only need 1 ability to wreck someone. Should Spider-Man be in Smash?

that's makes him the winner in my book. Thought robot and yogiri celebrate with some coffee and enjoy the end of their day.

Gilgamesh and zeno Goku throw their strongest attacks combined and hit thought robot. Moon cell was stated in game to be omnipotent and have full control of all concepts even death. Considering I don't play Smash I don't think I would care much. Similar to the above, yet it's villain character like Ganondorf (Cell) or Mewtwo (Frieza) fighting an unknown entity, They appear beaten a hand holding a senzu bean is extended. A big fighting tournament with a wide variety of unique fighters for him to test his skills against is basically Goku's dream activity. Frank Miller's All-Star Batman and Robin was met with continuous delays and an absolutely horrifying story.

If they would go for a non-video game character, I would much rather have a character that has a stronger connection to Nintendo specifically like Scrooge McDuck or James Bond. @death8dragon: ?

AlphaDelta1001. 1 month ago We want to create an inspiring environment for our members and have defined a set of guidelines.

Unfortunately for you Yogiri hax can negate even those with Immunity to Death hax also no he is way above country level (via hax only) he literally killed a multiversal conceptual being. Could you even imagine the hype?

I'd really love it, though I do think Goku should be the second character to not originate from a game - the first should be Popeye, in reference to the original Donkey King starting as a Popeye game. he can kill being don't even have the concept of death. Who needs dozen of hacks?

Falcon ponders aloud how powerful their opponent is as the view switches to Fox's looking through his scouter. Show Captain Falcon and Fox in an open field amid a cloud of debris, battling an unseen enemy before being blasted backward out of the cloud of dust. Number 2 Superman doesn't know anything about Goku. I will never get over the fact that people will unironically use the phrase “it’s the principle of it” when talking about the roster of smash bros. Nope. It's not going to happen so it doesn't really matter. You must log in or register to reply here. Even as a Dragon Ball fan I don't really see any reason to shove him in there over other globally popular brands.

He'd fit in perfectly with the roster with his design and how he fights.

Wanked Saitama vs Wanked Goku. Makes for a boring story you'd think.

Bad idea. First off there's a lot of factors in this fight.

Since people are summoning Gilgamesh it’s fine for yogiri to get help.

IMO, I’m fine with a character having their video game-specific version put in smash even if the character didn’t originate in a game (Arkham Batman, for example). I'm not salty you are the one who is Salty, @bgninjaq: why your so salty? Quality >>>Quanitity, @areneacaulem: they works similarly is power but Death of the Endless are Just on another level . Wanked Saitama. I would just love it if ultra-popular characters like Goku and John Cena join Smash. 38 Votes in Poll.

It Even the fans of this trash thinks the series is boring, This is not new for Yogiri since he did already beat a character who had control over the Consept of life and death and controlling the Consept of death doesn't mean you have resistance to it (Instant Death negate resistance anyway), This fodder won't stomp king Gilgamesh.


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