Also The freezer door is not that easy to close.. you have to give it a little push.

PureSource Ultra® II Water Filters remove 99.3% of lead and 99.9% of cysts from your household water. 50 0 obj <> endobj 74 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<907E76B919CB4F76B18013DADCA1AE65>]/Index[50 35]/Info 49 0 R/Length 112/Prev 243258/Root 51 0 R/Size 85/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream hޤ��r�(���ށ?۹�- b��;_�]ܤq�4�e:�–.��J8M��� %�s�G��E�,��d%%J-�R�aK%DE�(MXE$���%#,�$��H��WqB޽����LM�X��CU�M[���pxԍ���zia<2���Nnvn���gab¼j����D�C�؝rR�y9�Ӽ�M~���O�����6�\���\����L,L�n�N=�4[:�u[f����E)le�[�0�-؆؅=x�� n�>�1��>�g8�3� PureSource Ultra® II Water Filters remove 99.3% of lead and 99.9% of cysts from your household water. Originally posted on, We bought this for our new house and was a big decision. compact kitchens, 10/29/2020, Perfect space inside. helps keep all of your stuff more organized and easier to find. Now you can access all the members only content. Be ready for any occasion with option for second icemaker. Originally posted on, This has plenty of space, drawers slide easily, love my color choice of black stainless steel with smudge free exterior. I definitely wanted a new Frigidaire. Maintain an even temperature throughout the refrigerator. Black Friday Deals, Call us at (908) 232-5200.

Originally posted on, We love our new refrigerator! beer coolers & kegerators, 150 W 1st Ave The food seems so much fresher after a few days other than our old refrigerator.

Ft. Capacity, PureSource Ultra®II, Adjustable Interior Storage, Multi-Level LED, Even Temp™, Dual Ice Ready, Store-More™ Shelves, Star … Originally posted on, Would like a little more room to store stuff on top. The Frigidaire 26.8 cu. So far, so good. Now you can access all the members only content. © 2020 AJ Madison Inc. or its affiliates. Take me back. Frigidaire Gallery Buy More Save More Rebate, Offer Expires: 11/1/2020 to 11/30/2020 | Originally posted on, I bought this in Dec 2019 in preparation of our new home. Plenty of storage space and replacing the filter when needed is so easy. Originally posted on, This is the most beautiful fridge I™Â€™ve ever seen. ?^���_�)�2�ŴcnSӆ���U+}jS��Sga���w�����ibV_���JD�M����-j��d뢼'����%��eb]��ߵ'{�+��%o�m�XeƱ�c��5ؒ-ؑ��,rY��e7d�cw���-�;��P�c^���y�:�r���!�P�@��W�+�� The stainless steel finish is beautiful. cooking product accessories, refrigerators,

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Black Stainless Steel Practical has never looked so stylish with Black Stainless Steel, a beautiful new finish.. PureSource Ultra®II Ice & Water Filtration Discover how our genuine filtration works to keep your water cleaner. The warranty is effective on the date of delivery. Request we delete any personal information we collect about you. H�\��n�0��M:@�� M ��ۏ'j��D8���v�ݿ��n6��iha6��o�pnS�1��>��v��-�ͥ�4N>ܯs���Ӑ��Iŋ�y������9ILm���l�~o�&=���o��~6�Y�MN�A���{} &]����x���/q���1�b�i�6\Ǻ SݟCRf�6�{���з�]�8�xj��SR�o��,Sű��]Y�B~���q�-�x��`.��CVf\�3��t�p���"� ��������zf�LOOKOO!W�r\!W�r\!W�r\!W�r\!W�re�n�7��JЕ�+AW®] �t�������������������������������������*�*f%K�R�,%K�R�,%K�R}�g�d)X�~�(��{����eW���])���{���])���;��k���|Y_�V�����_6�',�NJƒ�;���O��4ŭdپ�=�Gׇ�nFg�H� 0 d7*� endstream endobj 55 0 obj <>stream Originally posted on, I bought this in October so I haven™Â€™t had it to long. PureSource Ultra®II Ice & Water Filtration. Be ready for any occasion with option for second icemaker. portable air conditioners,

*Free delivery for orders over $2,500 and within 20 miles of our store (NJ only)! The black stainless steel is absolutely beautiful! Originally posted on, We purchased this fridge when our LG fridge went out. The refrigerator is very nice but adjusting the shelves is a pain! Originally posted on, I ordered this and a stove to match. required unless stated otherwise). For Sales Should you need help with logging in, send us an email at and a Customer Care Representative will be able to assist you. It fits perfectly into the space and offers so much more room for storage in the fridge. refrigeration accessories, built in dishwashers,

There is ample room in the refrigerator for all your things big and small. I still miss the deli draw from the old fridge but this one has a bay Marie. Appliances Frigidaire 26.8 Cu. EPTWFU01, Our Price Welcome to our website! Love the freezer on the bottom! Originally posted on, Love the lower cool drawer and the spacious freezer and the tray. range hoods, Slow ice maker vanities & mirrors, Originally posted on, I am very happy with my purchase. faucets,

The freezer is nice and big.

I am thrilled with it. Wall Township, NJ 07719. $82, Our Price That stove arrives Dec 26th.The first fridge didn't have a working ice maker. FFHB2750TD 26.8 Cu. But past that, it works amazing snd has good space for food storage. �|a�Ɣ)�0�I5�|.nkoRH�����[���`\����F��e 3� �]d����+(`%�9W���0���N]�j�@�μ̫���e�lzY��V�����_m Add an extended service plan for full coverage of parts & labor with fast, in-home repairs by certified technicians. If it is in place correctly, please turn off the ice maker, remove the water filter, reinsert it and turn the ice maker back on to see if it will start producing ice within the next 24 hours. So happy we chose this model. Store-More™ Shelves: More space to store your food with edge-to-edge shelves.

Originally posted on, It's great looking on the outside, and the interior design makes it easy to store food and then find what you're for at a glance. Seems to run quietly. Originally posted on, Works well but has low speed blower on all the time. The door also is not on evenly. The real problem is the shrink wrap it came it..we have had this for almost 6 months and we are still picking off plastic from it. 5304500002, Our Price I was worried that the bottom freezer would be difficult to store things in but it is great!


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