If you want to burn the backing tracks to CD there are more you can add to fill it out here. Scales ascend and descend two octaves. If you have any comments, please send them to dion@thinkmoult.com. This mp3 backing track is zipped together with the printable 6-page PDF exercise here. Scales include all keys, beginning at C major, followed by G major, D major, etc until F sharp major, then switches over to D flat major, and descends in flats until F major. Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. posted by jen at 3:45 PMpermalink

The sheet has no copyright or attribution text that might get in the way of professionalism when presenting to students. This pack includes ten pages of scales with the following features.

The upper part is no problem, since it is a simple major scale, but the arpeggios and chords that comprise the lower part would put me into a tiny head-spin, and hey, I'm supposed to be GOOD at transposing at sight. So to be helpful, I used my music-writing software to prepare a PDF part of both major AND minor scales, in a groovy order, to use for my remedial intermediate students.

x�t�I�%�%6�Uܱ%gOnC[����$���� `F��1ZK:�������y�π�߿���k}����K All PDFs available in A4 and letter paper sizes. addthis_title = "Jennifer Cluff: Free major-minor scales with harp harmony"; Major, Minor and Chromatic Scales Alt ernative. %�쏢 Scales include major, harmonic minor, and melodic minor varieties.

major_scales_pdf1. Learning the major and minor scales for piano are one of the fundamental skills in a musician’s education. all the way up one octave, slurred, at any speed (slow at first) has had remarkable results with my beginners/novices.The scales are written out like this adding one higher pitch each ascent, with pauses and in free rhythm. W�c6�������ׯ��~���,�~~�>����-pKp����@�@����H�,O�\��zb�mf�Rn�.ݖ�5I�h�� �sF���u�����{G�qK�ԯ&�>���V�6x����3%=I�-�i�T��9�"#�95yr/���Q_cN%��F�Giq���(��~����;�1d~n'����D��o]3�]�*r�w\;�����Y+�w�Y�s\d�^ <7� _h$Ѻ@�߅�y�R��*����>y�T�X��E>X��d�Ӌpa{�L��4c���f�юIH���U���o�|h�t�M�8�z&T '���R����~-ә����>�g�#x��(|��Bi�Ϲ�f��\�;�Z�ϝ��w���}���Qt k_i�"�s�N�Ქ�F�5�{z��k)�hT���9�����5U�4�\b.ί��V1�!���"|��:)e� |s�T�˜�AT&|�w���D��)*�t�/�c��N�t�x��iMԅо��s��+���ZZ���vW��C�u)w\HF�L��a=�z�TV��*SZ�ʻ�Q�J�F���a @)���YT΅��8��GסqmH��$�bEdE�� �Bn��VG�r6��(�^�6/���|o�PȲu�����K��AM��o�d �B�S�_��r��%n�NC��)����ZChw�E�5��e�]��Ђq�hƖ7�����I��7׻6|Rxo,�k7h�����������-���}.���})���'|m�}R���`������Q?>S��RC�.Ԡѻ+ҏ����2Cv[�q:҇������pE���������:�I�R��;��r��yk̡7 ����c�`U6��>~i����8S�?�1!$ib�W.T(�ׄ5��mm��r��T 1�t�1{�R��{B6f3���.T�wU���[. Period: Romantic: Piece …

Amazon Affiliate Disclaimer piano-music-theory.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com. Then when they finish the scale and arpeggio, they improvise in the key, and I hold a drone on various notes, or move with them as in "Simon Says" with the student improvising freely and teacher following or complimenting. Learning the major and minor scales for piano are one of the fundamental skills in a musician’s education. Excellent!Also, have you seen Zgraja's book for flute/piano called "The Modern Flutist Vol. Thanks for this!

Title: two octave minor scales - flute - Full Score Author: Joe Created Date: 3/18/2012 8:00:20 PM 5 0 obj Jen :>). This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License, unless explicitly mentioned in the article. addthis_pub = 'jennifercluff'; Thanks JenMe tyranosaurus play chorus with Dorus,yes very sonorous.Matt Taylor, Thanks Matt; yes, I've come up with lots of Dorus-osities that are monstrosities.Are you still writing lots of beginner pieces with backing tracks?If so, I can't wait to hear them. %PDF-1.4 Fingering numbers are noted, but only where fingering changes occur, instead of above every single note, which is unnecessarily ugly.

Free groovy flute beginner & novice music, A Day in the life of a University Flute Major, Skill Levels for Incoming College Flute Majors, Seeing again; McGhee CDs; Wye NFA; lip trembling. Scales include major, harmonic minor, and melodic minor varieties. Will be covered in my book.Jen :>), Free major-minor scales with harp harmony, You can download the 6 page PDF of the exercise/duet here.

Fab free flute concert online - Hutchins, Hoeppner... More about 'The Art of Playing the Flute' Book, Jen's book 'The Craft of Playing the Flute'. Carl Flesch SCALE SYSTEM SCALE EXERCZSES in A11 Major and Minor Keys for Daily Study A Supplement to Book 1 of THE ART OF VIOLIN PLAYING addthis_url = "http://jennifercluff.blogspot.com/2007/09/free-major-minor-scales-with-harp.html"; stream Very great method for playing in tune from the start.Super valid new way to have fun in lessons. This pack includes ten pages of scales with the following features.

Title Composer Zeckwer, Richard: I-Catalogue Number I-Cat. These scales are optimised for piano, with two staves, one for the left hand and one for the right. IRZ 4 Composer Time Period Comp. THANKS FOR MAKING IT AVAILABLE. No.

GREAT RESOURCE. <> It will be great for working on "pure tuning"concepts, even with beginners!Catherine LeGrand, Hi Catherine,Listen, honestly..the Tuning CD drone going in the studio, with the beginner student playing for TONE, the simplest scale like this:F-----(pause--breathe)F---G----F------ ( " )F----G----A---G----F ( " )etc. 1"?It would be great for novice students, and is so cool, bluesy etc.Check it out. The sheet is created using LilyPond, which is quite possibly the world’s best music engraving software.


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