Check the list below to see all the Assassin's Creed Odyssey Ancient Stele locations and collect those free ability points. [Find Ancient Stele ruins at the locations marked on the map above.] In this guide we show you the first tomb, the Tomb of Alkathous. Tomb of the First Pythia. You can find one or more chests with a random, high quality loot. After reading a stone table you always get 1 skill point. Find the Ancient Stele. Tomb of Alkathous. … Go to Megaris. 1 x Find Ancient Stele. You’ll find the Tomb of Alkathous in the west of Megara in Megaris. Tomb of Alkathous show the map 1 x Find Ancient Stele. This guide breaks down the locations of each hidden Stele and details the path you need to take in order to find them inside the ancient tomb. Break the wooden barrier on the wall and follow the corridor leading you deep underground.

Tomb of Eteokles show the map Related quests: Eteokles's Symbol.

But you should not immediately disappear from the grave, often hidden treasures are waiting for you. The second column of the table presents … Tomb of Alkathous. The speediest fast-travel point is definitely the Temple of Apollo. At its very end you will see the Stele right in front of you. One of the collectables you can acquire comes from the previous game where you visit ancient tombs in order to discover golden tablets.

Tomb of Alkathous – Megaris. If you are looking for a complete overview of all trophies and … Tomb of Brizo show the map 1 x Find Ancient Stele. 1 x Find Ancient Stele. There is a second set of stairs left of the Stele which has another treasure chest and a couple of snakes. Optionally, explore other areas of the tomb as well. Once inside, take a right turn and enter a dark room. Location: Megaris, near the temple of Megara Level: 14+ Reward: 1 skill point, 615 XP. In the Grand … In this game they're referred to as Stele and when you collect one you receive a modest amount of experience and a single ability point.. Once you have found the Ancient Stele in a tomb, this tomb is complete. In the Valley of the King Lelex area, in its very western border, you will find the entrance to the tomb of Alkathous. Hit the snake and continue until there is a fork in the path. Turn left for the Ancient Stele, while the pots to the right hide a room with treasure and a snake.

All Tombs in Assassin's Creed Odyssey. Go to Phokis. The first column of the table indicates the region in which the tomb is to be found (it will be "hidden" behind one of the question marks). Close to the Valley of King Lelex in Megaris, head into the chamber to the right as you enter and break down the wall. Tomb of Eurypylos show the map 1 x Find Ancient Stele.


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