He killed himself rather than change his opinion to appease the dumb masses. The kindest person in the whole world is Lord Buddha. So basically they are ignoring them and stuff. Find Members Posts. Gandhi’s way of peace not only impacted his people, it also impacted the world. ( Log Out /  The time must come when the imperative necessity for the holding of a vast, an all-embracing assemblage of men will be universally realized. It would have been an honour to meet him. Ahh yes this man is in my opinion the BEST man that excited. John lennon Is a peace on earth icon. "She showed what a person, not only catholic or religious, anyone, should be and do. He was ineffictive in his government jobs and useless as a military consultant. He came because He loved us so much.Then we had to go the extra mile and turn AGAINST Him. Mother Teresa is memorable figure because she was peaceful, tranquil and really had a heart with pure intentions. In addition to the fact that some of these populations had higher rates of recorded violence in the ethnographic past, many of the ‘peaceful societies’ mentioned have a long history of being violently subjugated and enslaved by more powerful neighboring societies. Although he makes patriotism overrated, his philosophy is very peaceful. Mother Teresa was a woman who truly understood the value of peace in its broadest sense. They were right. Not a wealthy family or by kings. Well I guess Muslims in the Middle East aren't listening to muhammed and following his example. Christ wanted people to live peacefully during their time on Earth. He used to respect the elders and love the youngest. The 0 to 1 scores that resulted were then converted to the 1 to 5 scale. We should all follow Buddha's suggestions. His ability of making one's mind is incomparable. 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[57], Food Security: "Tracking phosphorus security: indicators of phosphorus vulnerability in the global food system": Along with eleven other indicators, the GPI was used as a measure of political instability for the development of a utilized in the development of a phosphorus vulnerability analysis, aimed at formulating food production methods and government policy. The indicators were originally selected with the assistance of an expert panel in 2007 and are reviewed by the expert panel on an annual basis. Didn't start any wars, never claimed divinity, eliminated class system, encouraged rational thought and against blind faith, and is quite possibly the greatest Eastern philosopher, and maybe even the first humanist. Aspiring to make the world a more peaceful place seems like a worthwhile goal to me. During his lifetime, Cunfucius was treated like a useless, babbling, naive buffoon by everyone he met. In fact, the economic impact of violence in 2019 translated to a cost of about $1,909 per person. All I know is that he was sentenced to death by drinking poison hemlock tea. "[33], Reacting to the 2017 results of the GPI, which ranked the Philippines 138 out of 163 countries, mainly because of poor scores in societal safety and security due to President Duterte's war on drugs, Philippine Presidential spokesman Ernesto Abella countered, "We're not entirely sure where the GPI, Global Peace Index analyst... who apparently is supposed to be a local, is really coming from. [63], Environment, Development and Sustainability: "Creating a 'Values' Chain for Sustainable Development in Developing Nations: Where Maslow meets Porter": This study uses the 'safety and security' measures of the GPI, including political instability, level of violent crime, and likelihood of violent demonstrations, for supporting an argument that renders societal safety and security necessary for sustainable development. International Institute for Strategic Studies, Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, "The World's Most And Least Peaceful Countries In 2016", "Global Peace Index Report, Methodology, pg. He is one amongst the Top 10 Most Peaceful Men Ever until 2017. Jesus Christ of Nazareth is the most peaceful person that has ever lived. In 2015 it ranked 165 countries, up from 121 in 2007. She supported her son and believed that he was the Messiah. [22] Steve Killelea, A.M., the Australian philanthropist who conceived the idea of the Index, argues that the Index is "a wake-up call for leaders around the globe. He preached for peace or love in almost all of his songs. William Wilberforce was one of the leading figures of the slave trade that took place during the 18th century. So, his teachings influenced her life in terms of being peaceful.


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