Not for the squeamish (Full disclosure: I only watched the first few minutes).

So what works in your industry or sector?

It takes a common yet emotionally-charged topic – gender inequality – and attempts to quantify the problem monetarily. … Read more » – Recipe – how to make a social media surgery, Comprehensive guide to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s use of social media including policies, guidance and descriptive information on channels … Read more » – Digital Diplomacy, Digital Engagement specialist Dave Briggs from Kind of Digital has produced a series of video tutorials explaining how get the … Read more » – Creating a simple online dashboard, Looking for good pictures in a time of shrinking budgets actually has never been easier. #yulethewaves.

If you don't have one, you can get started on our write a marketing plan page. Aimed at the private … Read more » – 22 Ways to Create Compelling Content When You Don’t Have a Clue, Blogging can be hard work.

– Medical Innovation Bill: Does the fear of getting sued stop doctors from innovating? If you want to learn more here are twenty ways you can use interactive video.

automate aspects of your staff training/induction. Package content to appeal to people in more than one way. Digital tools used for P2 include social media, websites, online tools, videos and photos, SMS, and – How to Deal With A Disappointed Fan of Your facebook fanpage? One map shows the alarming scale of the fires. ", "A brilliant day - up there with the best organised and attended events I've ever spoken at.

It only came online in March 2020 and, at the time of writing, already has 176.1K engagements. This London School of … Read more » – What makes an effective tweet: research, Social Media Surgeries are a way that the digitally unconnected can become connected thanks to volunteers, time, patience and love.

The result of the calculation is a list of horses appropriate for each individual’s weight. Interview with Patrick Dunleavy and Chris Gilson of the LSE Public Policy department on the value of blogging to their … Read more » – LSE Public Policy blog – Why blog? To apply this to your own topics, consider what questions your audience may have that can be segmented based on variables. It has 40.2K social interactions.

Importantly, calculators take broad swaths of information and make them personal, based on a variable.

", "It's great to come to these events and ask the question to speakers about how we can get involvement moving forward.

Interactive Map Shows You The Actual Size Of Your Country, Not The Lie You’ve Been Told By Maps – IFL Science! Take a look at these highly shared quizzes from the past 12 months: Out of the top five shared quizzes, three are based on age. “You would sometimes have to spend $20-$25 million on TV advertising to get 60,000 hours of engagement in countries like the US, UK or across Europe. Get in touch with the team today and see what Commonplace can do for you. Lost the narrative thread of the Marvel Universe?

Public sector organisations have been consulting citizens, raising awareness of new schemes, dealing with service user feedback and doing traditional 'Comms' for years.

For this to be successful, evidence of digital community engagement was paramount. Their messaging around quizzes is that they’re fun, lighthearted entertainment that you can binge play. I was drawn to this example because of its high-tech approach to an age-old question. improving your website – conversion optimisation, mobile friendly etc. Can You? The blazes in the Amazon are so big they can be seen from space.

Over the past year, the number of interactive posts has increased by 168%, with a significant surge in April 2020. The author provided variable is the weight certain horses can bear. The calculator’s publication corresponded with the growing interest around sustainability in fashion.

Part of the much bigger ‘Connecting Leeds’ campaign, Leeds City Council decided it was important to understand what temporary measures they could implement to make essential walking or cycling trips safer for the public throughout the coronavirus pandemic. ", "The event was so insightful and very well organised", "Excellent conference, very well organised and attended. Sovereign House, Church Street, Brighton, BN1 1UJ | Company number: 11796969 | VAT number: 316 140 051, Result of calculation = (Audience known variable) +, -,/, or x  (Author known variable).

The site offers several other equine calculators: The site’s calculators show the value of answering an audience’s questions in an interactive way. This is an important and timely example of how linking to a trending topic can help distribute information that can save lives. Buzzfeed dominated the list of most engaged-with interactive content, and its posts were the most engaging for the year. A digital strategy will help you: Your digital strategy should always be part of an overall marketing plan.

The takeaway for marketers? Blackpool is one of the 100 towns in line to benefit from the recent Government ‘Towns Fund’ scheme, bringing in a significant investment to help the town grow back stronger following the impact of COVID-19.

This is useful … Read more » – Guide to Facebook pages for government organisations, Some downloads stand the test of time. Notice the difference in interactions between the post about the interactive map at Global Forest Watch: Drawing conclusions here is a bit dangerous, but, here are a couple of possibilities: (I’m sure there are others.

Quiz: 300 Up For Willian – Test Your Knowledge Of Our Brilliant Brazilian – Chelsea FC, 1. Digital Design With The Employee In Mind. This section has some more information about how you can use these tools – and the techniques for digital engagement that go alongside them – effectively.

The author provided variable is the new tax rate by income level. This might include sales from your website and other types of engagement with your website, such as subscription and membership, connections with customers and other businesses, social media engagement, etc.

What’s Digital Engagement? Of all the interactive content types, quizzes are the most ubiquitous. The piece, published on Wired, has 2k engagements.

", "It's the first time I've been to your event but it was very informative, engaging and enjoyable. … Read more » – MRC Social Media Guidelines, Lisa Price from Eduserv shares four great templates for planning and auditing your site content: – content inventory: for keeping … Read more » – Content strategy templates: from Eduserv, Useful set of guides and links from the digital team at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office covering tools and techniques … Read more » – Twitter toolkit, A great blog post by Kate Hughes, who works in social housing, full of practical tips about how and why … Read more » – How to get started blogging: Kate Hughes, Hyperlocal sites are forums and blogs run by local people which often have strong local community networks and surprisingly wide … Read more » – Hyperlocal Sites in UK & Ireland :: Openly Local. Top 10 User Engagement KPIs to Measure. This section has some more information about how you can use these tools – and the techniques for digital engagement that go alongside them – effectively. Quizzes are quick to produce; they help people feel good about themselves; and they are very shareable. ", "Sponsorship has been very positive. #yulethewaves. I welcome your thoughts in the comments.). This quiz appeals to people’s affiliations with their interest groups.


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