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Some dogs can even be weaned to every other day meds but Tazzie has to take both every day. , "https://tripawds.com/wp-content/triheaders/header_33.jpg" , "https://tripawds.com/wp-content/triheaders/header_43.jpg" , "https://tripawds.com/wp-content/triheaders/header_8.jpg" , "https://tripawds.com/wp-content/triheaders/header_48.jpg" Every dog is different so you might be okay with one or the other alone, but if liver values have not improved in 1 month then I would do both. I'm eager to see how it affects her liver levels when we do a CBC a week from Wed (Wed is her next round of chemo with the Andriamycin). NOTE: new posts are subject to administrator approval before being displayed. , "https://tripawds.com/wp-content/triheaders/header_46.jpg" , "https://tripawds.com/wp-content/triheaders/header_93.jpg" , "https://tripawds.com/wp-content/triheaders/header_88.jpg" , "https://tripawds.com/wp-content/triheaders/header_45.jpg" , "https://tripawds.com/wp-content/triheaders/header_42.jpg" , "https://tripawds.com/wp-content/triheaders/header_19.jpg" , "https://tripawds.com/wp-content/triheaders/header_28.jpg"

, "https://tripawds.com/wp-content/triheaders/header_100.jpg" , "https://tripawds.com/wp-content/triheaders/header_76.jpg" , "https://tripawds.com/wp-content/triheaders/header_36.jpg" we're a little worried about her knee (which one surgeon said would be a problem, but the one who did the surgery thought would be fine). , "https://tripawds.com/wp-content/triheaders/header_90.jpg" , "https://tripawds.com/wp-content/triheaders/header_40.jpg" Three-Legged Pets Calendars Support Tripawds Community!

denamarin has SAM-E and milk thistle (silybin) while Marin has milk thistle, vitamin E and zinc. , "https://tripawds.com/wp-content/triheaders/header_34.jpg" She's doing great! She is a harder case, since she is a wild feral kitty; I started with her with milk thistle, then I find Liveraid from Petalive.com / nativeremedies.com This LiverAid is a safe, non-addictive 100% natural homeopathic remedy specifically formulated to relieve symptoms of liver problems, plus promote pancreatic and gallbladder health and it comes in convenient, dissolvable granule form.

[CDATA[ return img; Even on the Metacam her liver values are in the normal range. The dose of Milk Thistle (when used alone) that I use is 20–50 mg/kg per day

, "https://tripawds.com/wp-content/triheaders/header_9.jpg" , "https://tripawds.com/wp-content/triheaders/header_37.jpg" Some dogs can even be weaned to every other day meds but Tazzie has to take both every day. Titles like "Worried" or "Need Advice" will not help others assist you.

, "https://tripawds.com/wp-content/triheaders/header_20.jpg" , "https://tripawds.com/wp-content/triheaders/header_57.jpg"

, "https://tripawds.com/wp-content/triheaders/header_96.jpg" , "https://tripawds.com/wp-content/triheaders/header_70.jpg" , "https://tripawds.com/wp-content/triheaders/header_5.jpg" The liver produces this bile to aid with digestion and to facilitate the absorption of nutrients. Thank you so much!!

By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. Learn how to help three legged dogs and cats in the forums below. Giving Tuesday 2020 Gets the Word Out for Tripawds, With Tripawds Thanksgiving Gratitude for YOU. You can add Marin if the denamarin alone is not suffiicient to control the liver enzymes. , "https://tripawds.com/wp-content/triheaders/header_84.jpg" var imageURLs = [ , "https://tripawds.com/wp-content/triheaders/header_6.jpg" They did find a spot on her spleen two weeks ago on ultrasound just before her first chemo treatment. , "https://tripawds.com/wp-content/triheaders/header_18.jpg" Tripawd Angels Honor Spokesdawg Wyatt Ray. , "https://tripawds.com/wp-content/triheaders/header_65.jpg" , "https://tripawds.com/wp-content/triheaders/header_59.jpg" , "https://tripawds.com/wp-content/triheaders/header_99.jpg" , "https://tripawds.com/wp-content/triheaders/header_63.jpg"

]; , "https://tripawds.com/wp-content/triheaders/header_29.jpg" Just trying not to think about it! , "https://tripawds.com/wp-content/triheaders/header_62.jpg"


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