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No more beeping, just the gentle sound of heating water. :o), Harvey, you are an absolute super star!!! 8. lift the kettle off the base to pour water.

Thank you ten times over! Now this kettle is perfect! Between Harvey’s excellent description and photos and Bob’s suggestion to skip the soldering step and simply pull off the beeper cover and take out the metal disc, I was in and out and boiling water again in under 2 minutes! I make a pot on my Cuisinart and stand guard as it sputters the last water into the filter, flicking the machine off seconds ahead of the shrill beep sequence. The pictures above were very helpful — thanks Harvey.

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It's easy. I thought I could tolerate it, but after a few weeks I just couldn’t cope any more. Took two minutes to do the entire operation. I have to say – thanks, thanks, thanks!

I think I’ll package the piezo up and send it back to KitchenAid with some strong views….

Phil, Thnx a lot! 0000007679 00000 n Electricity can kill. did this today, even went and bought a soldering iron to get it done. 0000003682 00000 n So thank you kindly.

If I had, I would have quickly noticed a very common complaint with this product – it produces a very loud cheap-sounding piezo beep every time a button’s pressed, when the water’s boiled (three beeps! Thanks! Thank you very much for your detailed post and the addition of pictures I found very useful, I think you have provided a shortcut for this ‘de-bussing’ procedure for a number of frustrated consumers that just want this problem to ‘go away’ with the least amount of fuss, well done! The peace is the silence while boiling water. You are a legend! You just pushed a button! The Keep Warm, preset temperature and Start lights will stay on, and temperature will be maintained for 30 minutes.

We lasted 24hrs before the noise became intolerable. It may with no reason just fall off. The reliable way to attach wires in place of the piezo would be to solder them, in which case you’d have to either de-solder the piezo, or cut its legs off – if you can get at them. Post was not sent - check your email addresses!

It even beeps when you set it back on the base! Place it on a fridge door for weight loss, or on a lighter to help quit smoking;).

After a while, it becomes annoying.

Beep no more.

Millions thans Harvey!! You don't truly own anything until you've voided its warranty. 0000008381 00000 n

Even a simple flat-bladed jewelery screw driver of the right size will work. Sometimes u want to make tea and suddenly you know that your KitchenAid electric kettle is not working then don’t worry.

I will follow your advice and remove the bleeper. Note that I would not recommend this procedure to anyone without electronics soldering experience and a good temperature controlled soldering iron. “Beep!

I’m shallow and just liked the look of it. Beep! Bob’s tip to remove the metal disc from the piezo buzzer instead of de soldering and removing the buzzer itself was a winner for me and although I haven’t tried to reinstate it, I have thought that this could be easily reversed if for some reason you wanted to.

The unit will beep to alert, and the lights will flash.

Hi they have been recalled in the UK due to a faulty handle. Thanks. 0000001281 00000 n Thanks a ton. Tried no water… no luck! I didn’t have the correct screwdriver bit, but I managed to use a tri-wing bit. I really can’t stand the beeps all the time. Remove the triangle screws and carefully lift off the cover. I agree with all the above comments, who knew a bleep could be so annoying!!

0000004792 00000 n I hope someone from KitchenAid is reading this thread.

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no solder required. Thanks . I love you guys!!!!

0000166133 00000 n Solar iDevice Charger in Atomic Punk Style, A Turn Signal Beeper for the Vespa GTS 300, https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000S6AG9G/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_awd_Jucaxb0XWHXQT, De-beep Your Appliances: removing a piezo buzzer from a kettle — This TV Knows, De-beep Your Appliances: removing a piezo buzzer from a kettle – Three Gadgets, De-beep Your Appliances: removing a piezo buzzer from a kettle – Ten Gadgets, De-beep Your Appliances: removing a piezo buzzer from a kettle – Twenty Gadgets. UPDATE: People smarter than me have realised that you do not need to go to the trouble of de-soldering the buzzer – you just need to remove the metal diaphram from the buzzer. You just made my day! I’m having a white tea to celebrate. Memory feature allows kettle to be lifted off base for 2 minutes without shutting off or losing its place in the brewing process 1500-watts for fast heat-up Blue backlit water window 360° …

Oh I wish I’d read this before I bought it. The beeping is so annoying. We don’t own any other KitchenAid products, but thought that as it is a respected premium brand, there wouldn’t be be any issues with it right? That’s it! a life-saver – my wife was about to hit me over the head with the thing – as well as agreeing with all of the above comments I could add that they really should have mentioned the beeping in the printed ‘features’ on the outside of the box – then we would all have been warned off before buying the thing.

Stopping a KitchenAid kettle from beeping, at all. We also purchased this kettle because of the sleek look – who would have thought this little bastard could be so annoying.

Following your instructions (pictures are brilliant)and instead of soldering I used pliers to pull out the culprit, it took less than 2 minutes and now peace is restored.

Word of warning – the handle on this thing breaks of, and it does so when you lift it, at it is filled with boiling water. 0000008983 00000 n Your inst cautions were perfect and worked really well. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Now there is a slight leak from the front of the kettle, anybody have any ideas??

I didn’t take photos of the de-soldering because I was on my own, but I just gently pulled on the buzzer with a pair of pliers as I heated each of the two pins in turn on the back side of the board. 106 0 obj <> endobj xref 106 22 0000000016 00000 n

I agree that the beeping is annoying. � kg�qp�t��|�Ð1��H�u dK���(a ��h��& bϊ�:�סY@�-��զ��,�����q�(SiYD�m�m���Z�n�-0d~�i��C���n�ݝ��x�u��{��d$V��~t]ȉ,`�BH�FAAacd ��APPPI� \%���д������[D���b � ��_��0� ����iPS`~������:�1�Ŗa���� L3V:��1:,90!����a^���7"��;�00�d�i���v�Ɍ���K �Pn�m�7�38r+0�a.

My kettle is finall beep free!! We have a Samsung dishwasher that beeps, but it is a quieter and more acceptable polyphonic chime, not a cheap loud piezo buzzer screech. 0000006990 00000 n I want to remove the speaker so that I can attach wires to its contact points. Thanks Harvey. Thank you both! Just de-beeped my kettle this evening.

Why the company chose to put such a diabolic detail into that otherwise very nice kettle remains a mystery.

Beep Beep Beep.. we were dreaming it haha So, in a sense, thanks for keeping the next few weeks while my mother in law is here bearable.

Thanks so much for posting this, sanity at 6:30 am here I come.

Once the connectors are un-plugged, remove the three philips screws holding the circuit board (blue arrows).

It can be recovered in the future without violating the warranty. Ours has stopped working and is displaying the water drop icon as if there is no water, and it will not turn on. 0000003456 00000 n

And thanks for the great instructions and photos. I used just a regular small jewelers screwdriver to remove the triangular screws.

Thnaks for you comment. Sorry if this comment goes against the philosophy of the post! Did not have a triangle screwdriver but you can use a flat screwdriver if you wedge the blade into one of the triangle sides and lean the screwdriver over a little to hold in place and turn gently. You have given me back my sanity!

I’m pleased it helped you out. Hey guys, tried pulling the black buzzer and had to try pull quite hard and ended up pulling the whole buzzer off. Do any of you have a problem getting the lid to open, and perhaps trick og a reengineering solution to this?


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