4.after my initial training in painting, i arrived at my own way of doing things by Continually working from life. But owing to the lengthy negotiations of the powers the congress was continually postponed.

3.Continually update and review your test plans and test cases for each iteration. A deeper study of the great universal order reveals to us at length the ruling power within it of the true Great Being, whose destiny it is to bring that order continually to perfection by constantly conforming to its laws, and which thus best represents to us that system as a whole.

The owners of real property, however, continually urge that they are unfairly treated, and that other property should be rated. Hence his philosophy, like the Hegelian, continually torments one with the difficulty that its sacrifice of the distinct being of xvili. Their language is vague and allegorical, full of allusions and pious Mussulman invocations; the author continually announces that he is about to speak without mystery or reserve, but all the same never gives any precise details of the secrets he professes to reveal. 31.i have to study and work Continually, but this is nothing for me! It is this attitude which has continually informed the development of the Independent Group to the present day. Oil fields are being continually opened up in other parts of the world, and whilst America still maintains her position as the largest petroleum producer, the world's supplies are now being derived from a steadily increasing number of centres. Thus the "w," though constantly represented in French by "ou," is continually changed by them into "v" when they transcribe foreign languages, just as the Greek x and the German and Scottish "ch" is almost invariably rendered by the French in Algeria and Tunis as "kr.". The waters of both lakes are alkaline, but Malheur Lake is often freshened by overflowing into Harney Lake, while the latter, having no outlet, is growing continually more alkaline.

He dared not show himself in the streets without the protection of prize-fighters, while the jack-boot (a pun upon his name) and the petticoat, by which the princess was represented, were continually being burnt by the mob or hanged upon the gallows. In addition to a fixed stipend of some 700 golden florins yearly, he was continually in receipt of special payments for the orations and poems he produced; so that, had he been a man of frugal habits or of moderate economy, he might have amassed a considerable fortune. Malcolm was continually changing his mind: 20. 12.competition forces organizations to Continually invest in skills and knowledge to survive. Timber is most durable when it is kept quite dry and well ventilated, but some varieties last an indefinite period when kept continually under water. Soon after the Restoration (1660) the meetings of nonconformists were continually disturbed and preachers were fined or imprisoned.

Thus truth is continually being made and re-made. The administration of justice is entrusted to a supreme court, a continually increasing number of circuit courts (thirty-eight in 1909), one probate court in each county, and not exceeding four justices of the peace in each township. 14. 8); material is thus continually withdrawn from one side of the mine and extracted by means of the rock shaft on the opposite side, while the superincumbent debris is continually sinking, and is allowed to fall deeper on the side farthest from the shaft as the blue ground is withdrawn from beneath it. 1), an abnormal agent working for exceptional ends; Elisha is the "holy man of God which passeth by us continually" (2 Kings iv. It is continually receiving new life and motion from above. �; the successive terms of this series, after the first, are alternately positive and negative, and consist of fractions with numerators I and denominators continually increasing. After having extolled the work of God and proclaimed Him the source of all knowledge, he adds that a great truth is continually flashed on us and proved to us by history, namely, "that this world of nations is the work of man, and its explanation therefore only to be found in the mind of man.". from Milan; the horse-power is continually being increased owing to new needs.


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