Top with remaining whipped cream and sprinkle with Oreo crumbs, if desired. Remove pie from fridge, add the other half of the whipped topping spreading it out evenly over top of the chocolate fudge layer. 8 h 25 m. Cook Time.

They were not completely melted so I returned them to the microwave for another thirty seconds and stirred them again. Be sure to read through the entire post so that you don’t miss out on any important tips and tricks!

Be sure to also check out these Chocolate Caramel Oreo Bars! Refrigerate at least 4 hours or until ready to serve. 6 People Ingredients.

Place crust in the freezer for 30 minutes. Chocolate Oreo Pie is an easy no bake dessert recipe perfect for when you don’t feel like turning on the oven. Required fields are marked *. Pour the fudge over pie filling and use the back of a spoon to spread out evenly over top. I used a rubber spatula to fold the Cool Whip into the mixture. ), or maybe ganache and then whipped cream on top of that, or maybe it should be in the bottom of the pie?? Spread chocolate filling over the ganache (the ganache might move a bit, mixing with the filling, and that’s fine), spreading in an even layer. Chill.

Heat up 1/2 cup of hot fudge in a glass bowl or mug, and microwave for 1 minute.

Allow the ganache to set for a few minutes. The crust of this pie is made from crushed Oreo cookies and melted butter. This post contains affiliate links.

Sprinkle 1/2 cup of Oreo crumbs over the ganache (this is optional, but I wanted Oreos everywhere in this pie). Pour melted chocolate into the mixing bowl. I placed the Oreo pie in the refrigerator and chilled it for two hours to allow it to set before slicing and serving. […] via No Bake Oreo Chocolate Cream Pie — A Latte Food […], […] so guys, this one’s for you! Leave a comment below, and don’t forget to snap a pic and tag it.

And, if I do say so myself, this No Bake Oreo Chocolate Cream Pie was pretty much everything I hoped for and more.

Press the crust into a 9" pie plate, pressing it in the middle and up the sides. Use a hand or stand mixer to beat the ingredients until smooth and creamy. It’s rich, ultra-decadent, and such an easy no bake dessert! Add in powdered sugar and vanilla extract, and whip until it thickens into stiff peaks.

Thank you! Place Oreo cookies in a large Ziploc bag and crush with a heavy bottomed pot. Anytime I have Oreos and chocolate, I can’t help but feel a little bit nostalgic. If you work quickly, this chocolate Oreo pie can be sliced and served in less than two hours.

This no bake pie is rich and creamy and packed with chocolatey goodness. Oh yeah. To make the crust, simply add whole Oreo … The easiest way to make an Oreo crust from scratch is with the food processor.

Stir well.

I mixed all the ingredients together with the electric mixer until they were fully combined. You may also crush them manually, by placing the cookies in a large ziplock bag, and rolling over them with a rolling pin or wine bottle. Marshmallow Oreo Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars. Place Oreo cookies in a large Ziploc bag and crush with a heavy bottomed pot. Stir well. Make the Oreo Crust. You do NOT need to remove the filling from the Oreo cookies before crushing them up.

Your email address will not be published. Hello! Mix Oreo crumbs and melted butter together. Garnish the pie however you wish. Privacy Policy | Terms & Conditions | Site Map, H-E-B, LP MexicoCentral MarketMi TiendaJoe V's Smart ShopFavor Delivery, 2 cup(s) chocolate sandwich cookies, crushed. Pour the ganache over the crust of the pie, spreading it into an even layer. Yes. Thank you!

This no bake chocolate pie filling begins with instant pudding mix. This is a 4-ingredient recipe! The chocolate pudding is mixed with cream cheese and homemade whipped cream, making it extra light and fluffy. 1 pkg. Baker by Nature | Privacy Policy, If you try this easy Oreo pie recipe, let me know what you think! Total Time. Pour mixture into chocolate pie crust and garnish with additional whipped topping, cookies and sprinkles, if desired. Then I placed some Dark Chocolate Oreo cookies into a large Ziploc bag and crushed them with a heavy bottomed pot. Fold half of the whipped cream into the chocolate filling, folding gently until combined (save the remaining half of the whipped cream for later). Check out this Peanut Butter Cup Oreo Fudge! At first, I wasn’t positive if I wanted the ganache to be on top of the pie (but then what about whipped cream?? I’ll take this whole No Bake Oreo Pie, please and thank you. Then I spread the chocolate Cool Whip on top of the pie filling. Once it begins simmering, remove it from heat and pour it over your chopped chocolate. Product formulations may change; therefore, we recommend that you consult the product's label for nutrition information, contact the manufacturer for product related questions, and consult a healthcare provider for nutritional guidance specific to your needs. Add half the whipped topping and beat again to create the pie filling. I’ve made a note of that in the recipe . That’d be great. In years past, I’ve made this Cookies and Cream Oreo Cake, this Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake, and these Marble Cupcakes, but this year, I decided to go the pie route. Waffles?

… Chill in the refrigerator until ready to serve. 1.5 cups milk. Heat heavy whipping cream until just below a boil (in a saucepan or in the microwave). As an Amazon Associate and member of other affiliate programs, I earn from qualifying purchases.
Put the chocolate in a mixer bowl and add the egg yolk, sugar, cream and vanilla. If you plan on serving the pie asap, place it in the freezer for an hour before slicing. You’d be hard-pressed to find a chocolate pie this easy and this delicious anywhere else. Since cooking times can vary, ensure that all recipe ingredients are cooked to a safe internal temperature according to USDA guidelines.

Another delicious no bake pie recipe.

*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. 8 h 25 m. Serves.

Also, I don’t know about you, but when I was a kid, Oreo dirt cups (chocolate pudding with crushed oreos and gummy worms) were THE thing. 2 cups thawed frozen whipped topping , divided. Another tasty dessert recipe with Oreos.

Because this pie uses so many Oreos, I would definitely suggest buying the family size package (or two regular sized packages). Thanks for telling me fifteen times when I’m supposed to turn onto my own street, but maybe when I’m lost in downtown LA you could at least give me a hint as to where I’m supposed to go, mmkay? It’s made … I microwaved the chocolate chips on high for one minute and then stirred them well.

RELATED: Chef Kevin Belton's frozen S'mores recipe. This site contains affiliate links, which means that if you make a purchase through these links, I receive a small portion as commission. Use electric mixer to combine melted chocolate and crumbled Oreos with the pudding mixture. I scooped some more Cool Whip and some cocoa powder into a small mixing bowl and stirred them together until fully combined. Pour the cream on top of the chocolate pieces and set aside for 1 minute. For the topping, scoop the Cool Whip and cocoa powder into a small mixing bowl.

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Clearly I’m a slight […], […] pillows of sweet cream enhances everything. This SUPER easy chocolate Oreo pie is ideal for those sticky Summer days when turning on the oven isn’t an option. I poured the crushed Oreos into the mixing bowl. I placed some peanut butter and chocolate fudge into sandwich bags, warmed them up in the microwave and cut a small corner off each. Stir well. Copyright ©2020, A Latte Food.

Thank you for supporting A Latte Food! Dump the mixture into the Oreo pie crust and spread it out evenly. This decadent pie is made with chocolate instant pudding mix and loaded with Dark Chocolate Oreo cookies. Spread the Mousse on top of the crust and refrigerate for at least an hour. I find 30 minutes the perfect amount of time, but you can cover the crust and freeze it up to 1 month in advance! Just make sure all of the cookie bits have been crushed! All right, let’s discuss GPS and Google Maps for a hot minute. {{review.sender.screenName ? I then chopped a couple OREO cookies and some peanuts to decorate the edges of the pie. Read our disclosure here. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs. Remove crust from fridge, add the pie filling and spread out evenly using a spatula.

Beat until it is creamy.


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