The cake will be better than that made up of maida. make a paste of atta add salt n haldi powder n ajvine or its paste (optioal) but good for kids stomatch. If you wish to use Wholewheat flour, use 1 tbsp of it instead of maida/APF. I suspect and would appreciate if you can confirm that your use of the term "all-purpose flour" stems from the Indian use of the term Made with atta (wheat flour) , this is one perfect healthy dessert recipe. For pancakes you can use both maida or wheat flour. For pancakes you can use both maida or wheat flour. I have also used the home grind atta in fact sometimes i add soyabean in my wheat flour still there is no difference in taste of this cake… if you don't have maida, consider a packet of marie gold or any other hardly sweetened biscuits for your cake, powder the whole pack in a mixer and use it instead of maida. OR - Use tapioca starch (tapioca flour) which you can find in most any Asian or Indian grocer. In comes nutrition When it comes to nutrition, you need to understand how grains work first. You can use Home grind Whole wheat atta to make this cake. hing powder n … Best thing about all my cakes is that I bake them using wheat flour (Atta). Maida is milled from the wheat endosperm only so it is quite refined and very starchy. Atta cake (Wheat Cake) – A healthy version of a regular cake . - BabyCenter India Or is it as simple as actually replacing the maida with aata? Maida can store for up to 8 months as long as it is kept in a cool, dark, dry place in a breathable container.

All purpose flour refers to maida.

On the other hand, all-purpose flour is a type of flour that is …

So, you want to bake a cake. All purpose flour in any recipe gives …

Atta is wholewheat flour. u can try making dhosa out of atta ..... ya i mean same as dhosa .

The outcome was a big surprise for me.

The ratio is 2 tbsp butter, 2 tbsp All Purpose Flour/maida, 1 cup milk, 1/4 teaspoon salt, a pinch of ground black pepper and around 3/4 cup of cheese. Maida flour is a very finely milled flour used in Indian cooking for making pastries, breads, and various biscuits and in particular parotta. It is a cake prepared from one of the healthiest ingredients – atta that is wheat flour. If you don't have maida flour then you can substitute one of these alternatives: You can use cake flour which is easy to find in most any well-stocked grocery store.

and. Cakes using aata instead of maida: Would love it if someone could tell me ow to use aata instead f maida in cakes in general. I don't have any specific cake in mind. Taking consideration of our present lifestyle, it forced me to find an alternative way to bake a cake. It might surprise you, that it is possible to bake a basic eggless cake using wheat flour (atta), jaggery, water and vegetable oil and still get a very soft and spongy cake. Made with atta (wheat flour) , this is one perfect healthy dessert recipe. Thanks to the wonderful info given here on whole wheat flour baking! It is high gluten flour from hard durum wheat. If the cake is done well and if the greasing and dusting of the cake tin is correct, your cake will unmold by just inverting the cake tim upside down onto a plate. I can easily find which flours are gluten free and which are not by looking online, but I would like to find out which are similar to “bread flour” (12% gluten), and which are closer to all purpose (10%). Maida is actually a very low protein flour, much like what would be called cake flour in the US. Consuming maida makes people become prone to kidney stone and heart disease. While the flour is typically made from wheat but it …

maida is popular in a white color, bleached with benzoyl peroxide, It is not easy to find special cake flour where I live. Wholewheat flour usually does not rise as well as white flour does. Step 11: You can cut and serve this cake just plain or you may top it with any icing or chocolate syrup. I already use atta for all my But don’t want to use maida (all purpose flour) or butter.


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