Critical Books: These are absolute must-have books for your ACT prep, no matter your skill level or weaknesses. CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON. Subject-Specific Books: These are the best books to use for the ACT sections: English, Math, Reading, and Science. Not only is it made by…

ACT prep book features to consider ACT prep book prices Tips FAQ Buying guide for shopping guide for best act prep books Applying to college is a demanding process, and for many students, taking the ACT is usually one of the more challenging steps. Buying the book (a Kindle and print version are available) gives you access to five full-length practice tests, accompanying answer explanations, as well as a host of helpful online resources, including realistic practice questions, drills, video tutorials and … Books for Top Scorers: These books are challenging and guaranteed to … One plus about this prep book is that the questions are very exam-like.
Barron’s ACT 36, 3rd edition.
Barron's ACT is our best value and budget pick for the top exam review book. The book has a nice style and engages the student without over-the … This book stands out immediately because it is the only guide directly from the ACT test makers. Designed to show you the “flaws” of the ACT, it... Manhattan Prep ACT. If you study best in front of a laptop or enjoy a multimedia approach to test prep, Kaplan’s ACT Prep Plus might be the best ACT prep book for you.

ACT Prep Black Book, 2nd Edition. This is a bare-bones publishing job, but its information is pretty … The 11 Best ACT Prep Books [Proven Effective for 2021] ACT Prep Black Book. Although this book has a low price, it is still a high quality guide to pick up if you plan on taking the exam in the near future.


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