Download the FREE sheet music and Tabs for the Goldberg Variations no1. 14. Allemande 16. Bach, Johann Sebastian Prelude No.1 sheet music for Mandolin - RB. (I’ve also discovered that the mandolin’s ability to voice entire chords can even give it something of an advantage at times over the cello, heretical though that no doubt sounds.) 2 plus 6 more. 12. The mandolins heard on this recording are all vintage Gibson A models, a different one for each suite. I began this project by recording Suite No. A wonderful collection of the Bach cello suites transcribed for mandolin.
Astonishingly, the Cello Suites were all but forgotten by the late 19th century, when a young Pablo Casals discovered them in a Barcelona music shop. Prelude Tunes: Allegro Assai-Violin Sonata No. Mandolin Play-Along Volume 4-The Mandolin Play-Along Volume 4: J.S. J. S. Bach The Cello Suites for Mandolin: the complete Suites for Unaccompanied Cello transposed and transcribed for mandolin in staff notation and tablature Daniel Sellman 4.9 out of …
Many thanks to instrument setup/repair masters Randy Hughes at Hughes String Instruments, Fairview, North Carolina, Tom Fellenbaum at Acoustic Corner, Black Mountain, North Carolina, Dave MacCubbin at Appalachian Bluegrass Shoppe, Catonsville, Maryland, and Mike Andrews at Meadowood Music, Blandon, Pennsylvania for bringing these wonderful instruments to their fullest potential. Definitely NOT for a beginner or anyone who hasn't played Bach before. In any event, Bach's music is nicely adapted for the mandolin-guitar player, with effective use of the mandolin's repeated notes in slow music to replace the vibrato lyricism of a violin. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Astonishingly, the Cello Suites were all but forgotten by the late 19th century, when a young Pablo Casals discovered them in a Barcelona music shop. J. S. Bach Sonatas and Partitas for Mandolin: the complete Sonatas and Partitas for solo violin transcribed for mandolin in staff notation and tablature Daniel Sellman. An interpretation of the unaccompanied Cello Suites on mandolin, an instrument similarly tuned in fifths and related to the lute, therefore seems a fairly logical choice; in fact, I would even venture to call it well within the spirit of Bach. Now, Robin explores the boundless beauty and emotion of the Suites and their ethereal lightness when transposed from cello to mandolin, and the result is nothing short of magical: a feast of otherworldly music overheard from some mysterious, enchanted realm. 15. 6. Courante Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. 11. A guiding intention in my adaptation of these works has been to create the impression that they could have been composed for the mandolin – or better still, to make the listener forget about the instrument altogether; as always with Bach, the architecture of the music transcends the specific instrumentation. 17. Gigue. Since their rediscovery in the late 19th century by legendary cellist Pablo Casals, Johann Sebastian Bach’s Suites for Solo Cello have been celebrated as unquestioned masterpieces of the Baroque era, in the repertoire of virtually every cellist as well as being adapted for viola, string bass, lute, harp, classical guitar, electric guitar, marimba and even trumpet…but never before has the complete cycle been recorded on mandolin. What Frati and Dadomo call the "little preludes," from Bach's instructional Clavierbüchlein, are inspired choices that allow Frati to add her distinctive lyricism to Bach's music in a simple, restricted context. Bach speaks to us in his own late-Baroque musical language but he speaks just as powerfully in the present moment, and to paraphrase theater director Peter Brook’s comment about Shakespeare, if he’s valid at all he’s valid right now. The Cello Suites, one of the Baroque era’s unquestioned masterpieces, carry with them a number of mysteries. Sonata for violin & keyboard in G minor, H. 542.5 (also attributed to J.S. 2 for unaccompanied violin in D minor, BWV 1004, which seems to lose its reason for being when adapted for guitar (played here as a solo). Easy to read, with tablature also, which I found very helpful for some of the higher positions and chords when used. author: Oliver Waitze instrument: mandolin (1 duet) language: standard notation/ tab level: intermediate to advanced pages: 56 A fine collection of the great composer Johann Sebastian Bach, arranged for mandolin. What I have not tried for is any “definitive” interpretation, because regardless of instrumentation, a definitive interpretation of Bach is simply not possible. 3, Courante from 3rd Cello Suite, Goldberg Variations - Variation 1, Prelude from Cello Suite No.

8. SITE AND ALL CONTENT COPYRIGHT ROBIN BULLOCK, BMI AND DANCING WOLF RECORDS. This is no surprise, especially inasmuch as some of the music presented had optional instrumentation in its original form. The music is too endlessly rich, revealing more treasures the deeper one delves into it; all a musician can do is approach it with humility and offer the listener an individual interpretation in the here and now, inevitably influenced by those who came before and by the musician’s own life experience, emotions, culture and time. 2 as brooding and angry and No. 1 in G minor, BWV 1001, Sonata for flute & keyboard in C major, BWV 1033.


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