1 aubergine, in large chunks They are a brilliant substitute for meat, as…, This simple soup is a celebration of all things green.

This tastes a bit like a katsu curry in gratin form, and needs only a crunchy salad alongside. Add the sunflower oil to the wiped out tin and put in the oven for six minutes, to heat up.

The mushroom gravy is well worth the effort, but if you want to save time, by all means use shop-bought instead.

Put the onion, garlic, coriander stalks, berbere spice, tomato paste, honey, a tablespoon of vinegar, four tablespoons of oil, a teaspoon and three-quarters of salt and a good grind of pepper in a food processor and blitz to a smooth paste. Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors. They work in other seasons, too, of course, but to me they make most sense when filled with the root vegetables of autumn.

This Oven Roasted Autumn Medley has all the best flavors of the season in one sheet pan!

Remove from the oven and leave to settle slightly for about 10 minutes. Put the onions, oil, garlic and half the thyme leaves into a large pan and set over a medium-high heat. coriander to finish, 3 tbs tahini Lentil, Beetroot & Hazelnut Salad with Ginger Dressing, Vegetable Soufflé with Parsley, Sage & Rosemary, Crispy Chicken Drumsticks with Fragrant Coleslaw, Butternut ‘Squashetti’ with Sage & Pine Nuts, Fish and spinach curry with cauliflower ‘rice’ and pistachios, Spiced Chickpea, Kale & Squash (or Pumpkin) Salad, Crisp Apple & Fennel Winter Salad with Turmeric Dressing, Wild Salmon Parcels with Asian-Style Salad, Jerusalem Artichoke, Chestnut & Celeriac Puree, Roasted Cauliflower with Tahini & Miso Dipping Sauce, Prawn, Sesame & Ginger ‘Gyoza’ in Cabbage Wrapper, Fragrant Golden Monkfish Curry & Cauliflower Rice, Crayfish Lettuce Cups with Asian Dressing, Poached Fish with Spinach in a Chilli-Tomato Sauce.
Heat the oven to 220C (200C fan)/425F/gas 7. Toss to coat and combine, roast for 20 minutes, then gently stir through the maple syrup and roast for 15 minutes more, until everything has softened and is nicely coloured. Lentils provide protein, essential…, Ratatouille is a great Sunday (or any other day!) Season well and bake for 30-40 minutes, until golden on top and all the vegetables are tender. This will take about 10 minutes, and you’ll need to keep tossing them around the pan. It’s a quick, portable lunch - so long as you can get…, Buckwheat contains both fibre and protein and is naturally gluten free. Put the tray under the grill to cook and char the courgettes for about 20 minutes, turning every couple of minutes.

Season well and bake for 30-40 minutes, until golden on top and all the vegetables are tender. I work on a basic formula of one or two vegetables, a herb, an accent flavour, such as chilli or lemon, and then something hearty – a pulse or some torn-up bread.

They work in other seasons, too, of course, but to me they make most sense when filled with the root vegetables of autumn. Nestle the chicken pieces on top then bake for 50 minutes, until the chicken is cooked and golden. Spinach is wilted down and stirred through at the very end for a good hit of extra veg and then drizzled in a warm caramelised onion jus. Turn down the heat to 200C (180C fan)/390F/gas 6 and cook for 25 minutes more. Serves 4 200g ricotta400g tin or jar of butterbeans4 figs, tough stems removed, quartered1 lemonSmall bunch of thyme or oregano, leaves picked A pinch of dried red chilli flakesSalt and black pepperExtra virgin olive oil1 red chilli, finely chopped100g almonds, skin on 1-2 heads of radicchio, shredded. Willow adores dipping them into a yogurt dip or homemade…, This simple recipe has become a weekly regular in my house. The only thing that does require a little thought is to get the chicken marinating the night before to really enhance the flavour, but this isn’t essential. Vegan. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

In your largest baking tray, sprinkle the chickpeas, then the vegetables and drizzle with a few glugs of olive oil and seasoning. To serve, spoon the coriander salsa all over the top of the chicken and serve directly from the tray. Keep warm on a very low heat until you’re ready to serve.

It is delicious alongside some lean meat…, Making chocolate is easier than you might think and I find it incredibly satisfying to do.

Drizzle over the herb oil and serve in the middle of the table for everyone to dig in.

1 Main vegetable4 courgettes, cut into thick coins1 roughly chopped butternut squash800g winter roots, chopped into about 1cm pieces, 2 Soft vegetable200g Spinach1⁄2 a jar of roasted red peppers, roughly chopped2 leeks, shredded, 3 Hearty add-on400g tin of butterbeans, drained400g tin of chickpeas,drained2 slices of good bread, torn, 5 HerbA small bunch of basilA small bunch of thymeA bunch of sage, thyme or rosemary, 6 Flavour boostThe zest of one lemonA teaspoon of hot smoked paprikaThe zest of one orange, Anna Jones’ quick and easy recipes for jams and preserves | The modern cook, Figs, butterbeans, ricotta, radicchio, almonds. Tightly cover the tray with foil, bake for 30 minutes, then remove the foil and bake for 40 minutes more, rotating the tin once halfway, until everything is cooked through and nicely coloured.

half a small squash, roughly  250-300g, peel and cut into wedges Though the method may be simple, I still want flavours and textures that excite me, as well as bringing some balance – after all, I want everything I’m going to eat to be in that tray – vegetables, herbs, pulses, even baked cheeses.

6 Remove both the traybake and the almonds from the oven, roughly chop the almonds and sprinkle them over the bake with the shredded radicchio. I like to mash the chickpeas into the juice on the bottom before serving.

Heat the oven to 220C (200C fan)/425F/gas 7.
This is my quick version – the ideal thing to make on a weeknight. Roasting chicken with delicate herbs like thyme is a great way to bring the light flavour of the meat to life. Make a few slashes into the chicken flesh with a small knife and rub the marinade in, leave in the fridge for at least 30 minutes, ideally overnight.


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