Say hello to our Rasta new team!

Say hello to our Rasta new team!

Jan 07 blanks  

Getting back into the competitive UK scene is something we have been looking to do for a while, but always fell short when it came to qualifying for EPS, or holding a team together. The last cycle of Rasta.Xd was plagued with constant changes and a run of bad luck, till it fizzled out and we laid it to rest.

Now the new year is here, and it’s time for another shot at the high life, breaking out some old school names along the way. When looking to get Rasta back into the competitive spotlight of the UK scene, who better to go for than some names that have almost been around as long as us!

Playing under the plain Rasta tag we have:

Hayden ‘Hayden‘ Watson – @hayden_watson
Matthew ‘Xacty‘ Williams – @XactyCS
Ryan ‘yan0‘ Nash – @yan0_CS
Liam ‘Quartz‘ Price – @QuartzUKCS
Vladimir ‘PSYCHIC‘ Toumantsev – @psychiicCS

With this team, comes an opportunity which wasn’t expected, but is a nice addition. Due to people turning down invitations to the UKGT, there was one going spare. Hayden and his band of merry men were set to play in the qualifiers this weekend, but thanks to these available invite slots, we snagged them one. This means they bypass the qualifiers and go straight into the league which is set to start on the 17th of January.  This is a massive step for Rasta and the team as they will be competing against the top teams in the country for a spot in the live finals, held in the centre of Milton Keynes shopping centre later this year.

Hayden is a man of few words, but he strung together this lovely sentiment for this occasion.

Thanks to Blanks and Rasta for giving us this oppurtunity, we hope to do well under this name in UKGT and upcoming LANs that we are attending.

To celebrate this new team, and us entering the UKGT, we’ve teamed up with UKGT to bring you a £20 Steam Voucher giveaway. There are lots of ways to enter to increase your chances of winning. Good luck!

UKGT Steam Voucher Giveaway

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