RastaXd bounce back

RastaXd bounce back

Apr 16 blanks  

Last weekend RastaXd took part in the ESL UK EPS Promotion tournament, after securing one of the invite spots after their performance last season under the 2Sexeh tag. It was going to be a tough fight, and after a last minute team shuffle, the odds were stacked against them due to a lack of practice time after the changes.

The day started off well with an easy victory over Perfect 5/7, comfortably securing a route into the next round with a 16-3 scoreline on Dust2.

Next up we faced the formidable mix team with a thousand faces, fish123 who have just been picked up by our sister organisation – Reason Gaming, in our first best of 3 of the day. We put up a solid fight with some truly spectacular comebacks throughout all three maps, but with silly little mistakes costing vital rounds, fish123 took the series 2-1 knocking us down to the lower bracket to face uFrag.

We knew uFrag was going to be a tough game as they have a wealth of experience as a team and have attended many LANs with almost exactly the same lineup. Despite this the RastaXd boys put on an amazing display of Counter Strike but, with the lack of time the team had to gel, it wasn’t meant to be. Cracks started to show in our gameplay and uFrag took advantage of these and secured the series 2-0 after a nail-biting overtime.

This put an end to the road for our chances of making this season, but the core of the team are sticking together and come back even stronger for next season. Jordan ‘Jstar‘ Sutcliffe, who joined the lineup for the EPS promotions, will be stepping down again opening up one spot in the team for which trials are being held now. Once that replacement is found RastaXd will be back on the road to domination!


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