Rastas in GameFace Wednesday Cup #138

Rastas in GameFace Wednesday Cup #138

Jan 21 blanks  

Half way through the week already and two of our lovely Rasta teams, RastaGG and RastaRWP, tried their hand at the GameFace Wednesday Cup #138. This was RastaRWP’s first time playing in GameFace so were looking to make a good impression and hopefully get an award on their profile. unfortunately, due to prior commitments, two players were unable to make their first game so breaky had to draft in two standins in the shape of Adam “adamS” Stevens  and Callum “callum” Potter.

It was a quick evening for the RWP boys as they were outed in round 1, much like RastaGG in the Sunday Sinners Cupbreaky didn’t take the loss to hard as playing with two standins meant they didn’t have the synergy of their full roster, and are focused on their next cup.

The other team that took part was the “one round wonder” team from Sunday, RastaGG! Looking to prove that Sunday’s early exist was a freak accident. Avoiding de_cobblestone like the plague, RastaGG made it all the way to the finals by only playing de_cache. Mark “phantasy” Pinney seemed to be the standout fragger of all the games, dominating the top half of the leaderboard throughout the night.

In the finals, the RastaGG lads were faced up against Team XENEX. No…not the ESL Premiership lineup, that is history, but the slightly less scary lineup consisting of org owner Jamie “Gizmo” Harris. Just before the game I messaged logaN. “If you lose this then the final result will be an exact mirror of Sunday”. In hindsight, I should have made sure he realised I wasn’t setting a challenge…

This started off good for logaN. and his band of merry men as they secured the first 4 rounds with minimal casualties. XENEX came back fighting bringing the score back to even, and then staying hot on our tail for the rest of the half, finishing as 8-7 to RastaGG. From there, everything went a little pear-shaped for us. XENEX kept a head of us for most of the half before securing the winning point in round 28, closing the game out 16-12.

GGWP to both Rasta teams, I’m sure we will grab the gold next time!

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