RastaRWP make some changes

RastaRWP make some changes

Jan 23 blanks  

Everyone remember RastaRWP? We welcomed them to the organisation a week ago as they brought the cursed tag back from the dead under the leadership of Matt “breaky” Marsh. When they joined breaky  made is clear to me that the roster wasn’t final and they were still playing around with a couple of things, so I should expect some changes. This didn’t bother me too much as I have known breaky for a long time and knew he would make the right call. What I didn’t expect was how quickly he would get this done. No more than seven days after announcing his lineup, has he made the final adjustments and solidified this lineup, in more ways than one!

Firstly the unexpected change, Ashley “Ash” Powell. After a week of heavy practicing and cups, it became apparent to Ash that balancing uni life and this team wasn’t going to work. Sadly for us, he chose to concentrate on the thing that will put him in debt for the next 20-40 years, rather than having a good time while playing games…his loss!

When announcing the team, it was no secret between breaky and the team that Ryan “yan0” Nash was filling a gap. Him and breaky go back over 10 years and they have played together in various lineups over this time. yanO is currently playing for another team which was in the middle of a break which made him the perfect choice to act as a seat filler until a long term fifth was found.

While all these changes were going on, Josh “Solomon” Lee thought he would jump on the bandwagon and drop his main spot on the team but stay in the team as a sixth ready to be called on should he be needed.

These three gaps were filled by Jack “snow” Evans, Michael “Br0ck” Brockwell and Dominic “Coxy” Cox. This transition of players was pretty smooth, with it happening over a couple of days and so not causing issues with practicing or cups. No doubt we will see this new complete roster in an online cup very soon.

Best of luck to leaving and joining, no doubt we will see you all at a LAN someday.

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