New Team: Rasta|| reincarnates (Rasta two line)

New Team: Rasta|| reincarnates (Rasta two line)

Feb 01 blanks  

This news is truly awesome! I have been trying for so long to get someone to use the Rasta|| (Rasta two line) tag after it died off many moons ago. Not only was this the first tag Rasta ever used, but it was my Rasta team. Before the days of be being busier than most country leaders, I used to compete under this tag, and when real life caught up with me I managed the team.

The team went through many variations of skill, from low- when I was playing in it, to a top 10 UK team with the likes of Subaru (captain ragey pants), Cr@zy (the clutch master) and Worzal (the Jedi Weazle), to name a few. Now, as Rasta makes its comeback to the CSGO scene, the Rasta|| will live once again. What’s even better about this reincarnation is that Rasta|| will not only be in the hands of someone I trust fully, it will also have one of the last players to play under the tag rejoin to continue his journey with Rasta.

Steve, Sidimmu and myself, Rasta||'s past and future predicted back in 2009...

Steve, Sidimmu and me , Rasta||’s past and future predicted back in 2009…

The new and improved Rasta|| is…

Simon “Sidimmu” Lawrence
Dale “JustDALE?!” Heath
Dane “FAYT^” Gibbard
Rob “cuLN” Cullen
Steve “Steeeeeveeeeeee” Abraham

Myself and Blanks spoke about getting a new/old Rasta team going again once the news broke out of a Rasta return! We had been trying to sort out a core 5 players to stick with for a couple of months and it all has fallen in to place nicely.
Steve was a member of the old school CSS Rasta|| team and we felt that it would only be right to bring back the name, we must thank Rasta for allowing us to use this classic tag!
We are still very new as a team of 5, we all also have day jobs unfortunately, but we are putting in the time as and when we can to build ourselves up as a team to enter tournaments and leagues and see how far it takes us!
So we cannot thank Blanks and Rasta enough for allowing us to do any of this!

Simon “Sidimmu” Lawrence

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