Rasta return with Football Manager

Rasta return with Football Manager

Mar 12 blanks  

Oh boy! It’s weird to be typing here again. After a longer than expected break, WE ARE BACK! “What happened?” you ask? Well, it’s no secret that I also own Reason Gaming and while we were participating in the Gfinity Elite Series I had next to no time for anything else. Now that chapter is over I find myself with an abundance of time and so I thought “why not bring back the legendary Rasta Gaming?”. Et voila, here we are!

It wouldn’t be a true comeback without announcing a team, and what a team we have for you. This coming iSeries will see a £25,000 Football Manager tournament take place. Players who wanted to take part had to apply for a spot in the tournament and then the participants were picked out of the hordes of applicants. We have got our hands on two of the finest applicants I can think of, not for their skill…oh no, but for their reputation.

First up, a washed up DOTA2 player, turned admin. He has worn the Rasta colours before a few years ago and is now returning home to hopefully secure his second Football Manager tournament win. That’s right, Tom “Soup” Shaw won the last Football Manager tournament iSeries held. It may have only been a fun tournament with a tiny prize pool, but he’s proud of his achievement and will never let me live it down if I don’t mention it.

Next, another washed up DOTA2 player who never rose to the same level of Soup, but did also turn into an admin. He works fulltime for ESL UK and has been to events all over the world showing off his admining abilities. He hopes that the skill and talent he’s admined over the years will somehow channel through him so he can perform well at this event, although I am not holding my breath. Joining us as the token ginger of our new Football Manager team we have Jacob “Kenwyne” Lawton.

So there you have it. The return of Rasta Gaming is once again upon us. Let’s get this community back to what it once was!

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