Rasta Overwatch is born (again)!

Rasta Overwatch is born (again)!

Oct 24 blanks  

Today, we are pleased to announce that we are re-entering the world of Overwatch with a new set of players. Our previous team lasted about 35-36minutes before folding, and I have been so slow announcing this team that they have already smashed that record!

The team was formed in the middle of season 1 with the idea of getting involved in ESL and Gosugamers tournaments, a few roster changes were needed to ensure that we had the right mix to succeed. Now we have the right roster we will be looking to get involved in said tournaments to continue to improve and better ourselves. Off the back of this, providing we feel confident enough to prove our skills offline, we’ll be looking to get involved with potential LAN events in the future.

The lads and I are very excited to be joining up with Rasta Gaming. We feel this decision is best for us to help get our minds focused on representing the organisation and producing top quality results to help us both grow together. The support from Rasta Gaming will be crucial for our development as individual players and as a team with us hoping to get the name out there on the Overwatch scene. Thanks again for the opportunity! – Gregg “Tigz” King

Lewis “Lewis” Hensby – DPS/Flex
Gregg “Tigz” King – DPS
Sam “Rigburt” Rigby – Main Tank
Lars “Hooked” Stenhuis – Off Tank
Topi “Topi” Harjunpää – Support
Hal “Mint” Cooke – Support

I’m sure you will all join in extending a warm Rasta welcome to these awesome people!


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