Rasta move into H1Z1 King of the Kill

Rasta move into H1Z1 King of the Kill

Apr 17 blanks  

Here at Rasta Gaming, we have always opened our door to old players when the venture into new teams, and even new games. That is why we are pleased to announce the return of Liam ‘Quartz‘ Price who quit CSGO after epic20, and moved to H1Z1 King of the Kill.

Since moving to the game, Quartz has shot through the ranks and surrounded himself with players from some of the highest skill levels in the game. Competing in regular EU based scrims, this lineup is no stranger to finishing in the top 3, and on more than one occasion finishing first.

The Rasta H1Z1 King of the Kill roster is:

Adam ‘Afro‘ Chin
Will ‘Taze‘ Stewart
Sam ‘4Real‘ Capell
Liam ‘Quartz‘ Price
Gustav ‘LiljA‘ Liljegrahn

With their growing success, they have caught the eye of a video editor who is working on some content surrounding them, and will hopefully bring us lots of video content in the future to help us follow the team’s journey.

H1Z1 recently announced their first offline event which will take place in America later this year. Hopefully, this will open the door to more events opening up around the world and we will see an even more rapid growth than we’ve seen already.

We look forward to watching this team grow and progress through the scene, and can’t wait to see some of the content they bring to us.

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