Rasta|| make a change: cuLN out, Namas7e in

Rasta|| make a change: cuLN out, Namas7e in

Oct 27 blanks  

An update from the Rasta|| camp where they have changed one player. Rob “cuLN” Cullen decided his time in the team had come to an end and wanted to pursue new opportunities.  This left a space in the Rasta|| side, but it was quickly filled by Sean “Namas7e” Dimond.

This means that the current Rasta|| lineup is now:

Simon “Sidimmu” Lawrence
Dale “JustDALE?!” Heath
Dane “FAYT^” Gibbard
Sean “Namas7e” Dimond
Steve “Steeeeeveeeeeee” Abraham

Here’s a quick rundown from team captain, Simon “Sidimmu” Lawrence about what’s going on and what they have planned:

We have been playing in the ESL open league with some mixed results. We currently have a few subs within Rasta|| that are not stated above, mainly due to real world commitments. With further upcoming commitments from certain members into certain time periods, we are looking to expand further with new recruits, so if you want to play with a great bunch of lads, smash some CSGO, have some flexibility over when you want to play and be a member of the future of Rasta||, give Sidimmu an add to speak further! – Simon “Sidimmu” Lawrence


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